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1/48 Eduard Bicentenial Phantoms kit

Big kit containing resin seats, wheels and exhaust nozzles, as well as loads of coloured photo etch. I think it`s an Academy model that`s been upgraded by Eduard.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to 1/48 Eduard Bicentenial Phantoms kit

  1. Lovely Phantom, Robert! That was a beautiful scheme & you did it perfectly.

  2. Great looking Phantom! I can see the smoke trails now…

  3. Can’t have too many Phantoms to suit me, Robert….stellar work on this one as well, sir. Very nice build, my friend.

  4. You guys are too kind, this is still work in progress and its another model where all the add ons like ordnance and fuel tanks are still to be finished, plus countless stencils, it`s a habit I`ve got to get out of as I have several models like this. When I finished this model I put out some pictures and to my embarrassment somebody pointed out that one of the national insignia was upside down so I had to rub all that area down to the bare plastic repaint and get some more decals. What a wally.

    • Welcome to “the club”, Robert…I’ve been guilty of the same thing(s). Matter of fact, I finished (sorta) a 32nd Z-M A-1J Skyraider a few days ago, and am just now starting on the [separate boxing] of the under-wing stores – a kit in itself, really.

  5. Very nice looking aircraft Robert. With regards to stenciling, I just finished Monogram’s F-8 and the instructions called for a whack o stencils on the aircraft, but I found photos of the real aircraft and there were hardly any stencils showing. If you can find some shots of your bird it might save you some time

  6. Looks great, I wouldn’t over stencil it either.

    • I worked on Navy F-4’s in the seventies, and unless time has fogged my mind, I don’t recall seeing that many on the actual aircraft as some decal sheets have, Perhaps when they where new out of the factory, yes, but after years in service only the essential ones remained.

  7. Nice clean looking Phantom, Robert, think twice about those stencils!

  8. Robert, very nice looking F-4, and an attractive almost classic scheme. Well done !

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