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1/35 Tamiya Merkava

Just finished my 1/35 Tamiya Merkava 1. Eduard PE, shackles and tow cable were aftermarket sourced. Paint used was Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to 1/35 Tamiya Merkava

  1. Great lookin’ build, my friend….I like it.

  2. Outstanding. It looks right out of the factory! A lot of these vehicles get made all grubby and worn, which is the way they end up, but they all start out fresh and new. I assure you that we tried very hard to keep our tanks looking new as long as possible … which is generally is as long as it stays out of the field for the first time. THEN they begin to look worn, loved, and lived in. Except in a war, they can look good up to a year or a bit more. When we received out brand-new M1A1 tanks, mine had 15 kms on the odometer. Much like a guy with his first new car, we kept them “pretty” … for about 2 months. Then parts begin to loosen and/or break, oil gets spilled and other things happen.

    In war, all bets are off. you just try to keep them running. Mud, dirt, etc. just helps camouflage them.

  3. Jeffrey thank you for the thought. I try to keep my build clean, hence just a little weathering here and there to preserve the real look of the aircraft or tank I am building.

  4. Eric, That’s about the sportiest looking tank I’ve ever seen, and a great looking model. Even as clean as it is, it still maintains a very realistic look, Well done Eric !
    Now is it just me, or does anybody else think how much fun it would be to take one of these out on the freeway, open it up, jump out into the fast lane and see how fast it could go !

  5. Very nice build of a good-looking piece of armor.

  6. Hi Eric, it’s good to see a nearly clean tank. I sometimes think the weathering of military vehicles has almost turned into an art form of its own. The Merkava definitely looks the part and your pictures show it off very well.

  7. Thanks George. I find the nearly clean look of a tank more appealing. Just like when you buy a brand new car.

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