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COD in the water……….

November 22, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 16 · 1.7K

The C-2 Greyhound community is small in the US Navy, and today we learned that an aircraft from my old squadron VRC 30, Det 5 lost an aircraft on the way to the USS Ronald Regan. 11 aboard, 8 rescued alive 3 missing. I still know several folks there, and my heart aches wondering who was aboard. As Det personnel you fly on your aircraft a lot, going from logistics head to logistics head "island hopping". I was Leading Chief Petty Officer/Senior Enlisted advisor for Det 3 and loved flying on our birds. Ditching always terrified me though, and if you have never been strapped in the back of a mostly dark cargo plane bucking up and down in the air turbulence a modern carrier puts out as it moves across the ocean as you come in to catch the wire, well that is a come to Jesus moment. My prayers go out to all and maybe it's selfish, but I hope none of my friends were aboard. A*s and trash, beans and bullets, that is the CODs mission, unsung and more dangerous than people know.

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  1. Rob, I sure can feel and share your thoughts this evening. Carrier aviation is the most dangerous form of flying. Your presentation on iModeler was so beautiful and appropriate and so well done. You have honored these people, and they know that you have.

  2. Rob, I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. I saw this on the news. We will keep you all (the families of the missing too) in our thoughts and prayers my friend.

  3. Social media has 2 passengers and one crew are the ones missing.

  4. I hadn't heard this news as of this reading...I can only pray for a favorable outcome.

  5. Rob I know very well the rigors of Naval Aviation and my heart and prayers go out to those lost at sea. Also for you as well, I also have kept in touch with my Squadron, you may separate or resign from the Navy, but you never leave the men you served with. Always wishing them God speed reading up on their exploits and detachments. Hoping all return safely. It is Thanksgiving and we give thanks to the men and women serving overseas may God continue to watch over them.
    Chuck Fly Navy

  6. This is such sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the lost service personnel.

  7. Thanks everyone, yes prayers for those lost and for those who survived. They have a long road ahead as well, I know from personal experience survivor's guilt can stick with you a lifetime. Life is a game of inches, split seconds and lots of times you don't have time to think, it just wasn't your time at that particular instant.

  8. Blessings and prayers to all affected.

  9. Sad news indeed Rob.

  10. Keeping the faith brother. I'm keeping my ear to the ground and most everyone I know is as well. Praying for their recovery.

  11. The next of kin have now been notified, so we should hear more soon.

  12. Sad news, I prey for the missing crew and those who survive.

  13. Hearts prayers and thoughts for crew and passengers. I happen to catch a flight in a C-2 to the boat many years ago , kudos to all crew past and present.

  14. They have suspended search and rescue operations.

  15. They have released the names, may they rest in peace, fair wins and following seas my brothers. Rumor mill and some press has it as a single engine failure on approach, pilot ditched enabling those who got out to be rescued.

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