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Devastation continues in the cockpit…and apparently Kate will be here for Christmas….

Ok, maybe that was a stretch…nah…As I continued on my Monogram Devastator my Hasegawa Kate kept calling me from my stash, so I decided to do a dual build with both being Coral Sea birds. I will need to modify a 1/48 torp I have for her and scratch up the rack underneath as the boxing I have is for the bomber, but that should be pretty straightforward. I plan on doing the cockpit on one then the other, engine on one then the other etc. until they are both done. As for the Monogram kit, still a joy to build, but it does need some work. One thing is the side consoles are molded solid when they should be just shelf like. So I cut away what was needed and began scratching the details. One big bugger was the canopy mechanism cranks. They have multiple holes, but as I was scratch building them I settled for 4 holes and the impression of the detail. I also sanded off and scratch built the rear instrument cluster.

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6 responses to Devastation continues in the cockpit…and apparently Kate will be here for Christmas….

  1. Looking good, Rob! LOTS of details to enjoy.

  2. You Go, boy….. 🙂

  3. Great detailing work! Looking forward to seeing progress…and the final birds!

  4. Following with keen interest. I have that same Kate in the stash waiting for a chance to hit the workbench

  5. I just recently attempted to build the Monogram TBD-1, and finally threw it in the trash, as the effort to fix all of the fit issues, especially at the wing roots and where the wing joins the fuselage at the bottom, wasn’t worth the time it was going to take. Absolutely HORRIBLE fit. I tried using strips of .010″ Evergreen plastic card, but even after doubling the cards up, still couldn’t get the fit right. Also, the outer wing panels were going to have gaps (once finished) where they joined the inner wings that couldn’t be fixed, due to the way Monogram designed the wing fold mechanism.
    I really do hope that you have better luck with your Devastator than I did with mine. Maybe mine was just a fluke…..

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