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Ferrari 250GT California, 1/24 Academy (Italeri reboxed)

November 7, 2017 · in Automotive · · 25 · 2.4K

It's the first Car model I built. (and maybe it's last one for a while...)
This 250 GT is true design masterpiece of in 60's. You can find everywhere the most elegant curves and volumes of all time in every angle you look at it

Kit is 's rare old one which reboxed from several years ago. Even it's hard to find Academy one now.

Kit's good overall. I fixed few problem which as high height on rear side and projected bumpers on both side. but I didn't added more detail.

I had hard experience in painting and high glossy coating without airbrush.
After spraying black with Tamiya can spray, I tried to use an Urethane spay coat for wooden furniture. and it works!

Anyway building shinny automobile model is too hard and stressful for me, who used to weathering like it seems about to go to junkyard.

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  1. Beautiful model of a gorgeous old classic car!

  2. A great build all round, I love the photographs as well, it looks real.

  3. What a great finish!

  4. Sympathy for the β€˜shine’ stress factor, but this looks great - nicely photographed too.

  5. Yeah...what they said! πŸ™‚

  6. This came out beautiful!

  7. Great job on this wonderful classic car!

  8. That's not a model! You climbed in your time machine with a can of shrink spray and went back and snagged one! πŸ™‚

    Seriously, that's beautiful - very realistic.

  9. Great build! You captured the feel of a classic Ferrari perfectly.

  10. Well, for someone who doesn't build shiny automobiles often, you picked probably the hardest color! Black is notorious for showing imperfections, but this turned out great! I'm going to try the urethane trick on my Maserati Merak! Also, it's nice to see a Ferrari in something other than red. Reminds me of the Top Gear episode when James May drove Chris Evans' black 250GT California! He didn't have fun because the value is always in the back of his mind!

    • You're right. I knew the black is hard choice for me but for this 250GT... I had no choice but this magical color!
      My urethane experience finished in half success because after a month the surface became little bit bumpy and turned less shiny. it's still enough for me but becareful if you try with non modeling-use material.
      I leaked the Top Gear episode before! watch the face of Evans when James May asked him that he can go out with 250GT! what a fun

  11. Most Ferraris, but not all, are classics, and this one definitely is. Nice colour scheme shown off very well by the photographs. Were the wheels chromed as standard in the kit or have you worked some magic on them?

    • The magic is; I never touched more kit's part! I think it's almost impossible to make better chrome than kit's pre-painted one. this wheel may be prepainted by Academy and present nice quality. I don't know how it was in Italeri's original boxed kit.

  12. Beautiful. Totally agree about building shiny automobiles, but looks like a fine job of it.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! @cchs1052 That black finish is perfect, Mr. Choi! And as my good buddy Josh @jpatt1000 stated, black is the hardest colour to get perfect. But you did it!

  14. Very nice!. What did you do for the chrome?

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