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Friday Briefing

And as the rest of the club makes its way to the Nationals at Telford,

I join my favourite driver Chloe for a more leisurely ride.

48 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Dang, that’s a nice looking parking meter !

  2. Love the pictures Rob, as always.

  3. Allways waiting with impatiance for your “Friday-briefing”
    This week the BMW-sidecar is my favorite – the protar-kit waitig for several years in my stash 😉

  4. That’s a British Leyland Mini, you can tell by the badge and the shape of the grill, er, sorry, you’re not looking at the car?

  5. Fine selection as usual Rob. The EE Lightning my favourite!!!

  6. Hard to pick a “favorite” this week, Rob….lots of interesting shots today – thanks again for taking the time to compile your selections. TGIF 🙂

  7. What a contrast between the two Lightning pics!

  8. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for Friday briefing!
    That personal ad made my whole week! I am still laughing my head off!
    I also make sure to go through all your pics- it is great fun. Thanks for taking time to post every week!
    Dan from Bermuda.

  9. Like the Tu-160, I thought they were like Model Ts. You can get them in any color as long as it’s white! The pattern works pretty well! The shot of the SAAB B-17 is really nice. Would really love to see those planes displayed in person one day! The shot of the X-29 is nice. I DID get to see that displayed at EAA!

  10. #24 …now I hear voices in my head: “IT, you should make the dio of that green fruit X29 …”. Where is my zinc chromate paint …?
    Thank you for the inspiration and perspiration,

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