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Friday Briefing

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

33 responses

  1. Amazing collection, and I'm running out of excuses for being late for work every Friday.

  2. Excellent - as always. Very enjoyable.

  3. Great collection, thanks for sharing.

  4. Those Aston Martins are drop dead gorgeous, and picture no 45 must be January from one of those charity calendars, but which one?

  5. That shot of the Hellcat pilots is a great photo.
    And that F-16 - is that some sort of off-the-wall camo or is the airplane really that dirty?
    As always, a big thank you for the continuing TGIF posts. Usually the highlight of the day for me.

    • I think in fact it shows surface scuffs on the airframe on a cold morning, where the face of the metal ‘marks’ where touched my hands or boots.

      • I think too you can see the condensation jet emerging from the warm intake, and immediately turning to vapour as it hits the cold ground.

        • Yeah, I noticed that as well - and in other pics I've seen - I always thought it was just the opposite effect happening - ...(cold and/or warm air), being sucked INTO the intake as the engine was running. Oh well. Still a unique photo, Rob.

          • I thought that too - is the engine running though ? Towed backwards perhaps? Explanations please!

          • Actually David I think you are correct it is sucking up water and vapor. I watched this many times on the flight deck with A-7s, they would suck up little tornadoes of water vapor, and anything else that was near by. That is why we spent a lot of time doing FOD walkdowns. You can see it some on other jets, but the big mouth breathers really show it.

          • You might well be right. My comment I think was based on something I may have misremembered at the time I came across the image. Naturally the guys who have service history with the phenomenon would know better than I.

          • I remember when I was a young Plane Captain our recovery station in the catwalk was right where they spun the A-7 around. We would duck, grab the grating and feel the suction pull on our float coats as they came up on power to make the turn. I doubt we were in any real danger or they would not have had us there, but it left quite an impression on me.

  6. Even though I am choking back the disappointment of still not being able to commute by flying saucer - this is a superb collection of photos Rob - thank you.
    I have to say that I desperately want to tell the bloke in photo #1 that he's missed a bit - over there - up a bit - on the left!

  7. And there folks is a heavily weathered Tomcat. So for those that want one, that's a good example. I still stand by most I saw didn't look that bad, at least not until the end of cruise when that damn tactical grey was pretty stained.

  8. Great ! best set in a while I think ,#10 is crying out for a good dio' guy to pick it up...,those poor girls in # 45 got a bum job that day ,you can almost see the goosebumps, oh the cheek of it !
    Cheers Rob N.

  9. Thank you, it's Friday!

    12 HDR photo of "Falcon & Tornado" + #22 "One point landing" are my favourites this Friday.

  10. I would love for one of those Aston Martins to be in my garage when I wake up! The vortex on the F-16 is awesome. With the #1 picture, I think it would be awesome if someone or a group built a replica Zeppelin. (And I mean a REAL one, as big as a cruise ship! Hindenburg size. I'm not counting the barely bigger than the Good Year blimp Zeppelin NT!) I can't imagine how awesome it was seeing something that big in the air!

  11. There is something a little cheeky about these photos but, can't seem to pin point it.

  12. Great selection again Rob,
    the Sea Vixen is at Tangmere as I'm sure you know. A row of houses over looks the aircraft on display outside the museum.
    Click on the link below should you wish to see more (of the aircraft).

  13. Those RAF Vixens giving the Sea Vixen a once over is my favourite , if not everyone's! Splendid selection as usual Rob!

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