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HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI build

So much has been written/said/shown about the Mossie this plane needs no introduction! The aptly named “Wooden Wonder” did everything it was designed to do…..and a whole lot more. My first exposure to the Mossie was the intro scene of “633 Squadron” followed the next day by the purchase of Airfix’s 1/72 FBVI version (the one with the skinny main wheels). After thoroughly trashing that one I have had a lifelong passion for this plane, as you can see from the amount of references I’m using for this one!
When HK annouced it was going to do a series of Mosquitos, I was astonished to find that besides the B MkIV that just about every model company has done, they were going to mold the 2-stage Merlin versions as well! Something about that “smile” underneath the props that got my attention all these years……and gave it more of a personality. Of course since I like to build Big the Mossie would fit write in my collection so I bought the B MkIV and all the extra detailing I could find, including, Eduard Brassin wheels and tires, painted pe, rsin exhausts and paint masks…….and then put the kit away…….as we modelers are So easily distracted. This year when HK finally released the B MkIX/XVI my interest was rekindled and I ordered one the same day Sprue Bros. had it in stock.
So, this will be a first for me, an in-progress article that I hope sheds some light on getting the best of this beast. As I go along I’ll point out some of the hits and misses along the way.
First thing that grabs your attention when opening the Large attractive and sturdy box is the molding….The fuselage is in 2 halves, slide molded so you join the front and back pieces together. The wing is a single molded span, as is the horizontal and vertical stabilizer, rudder and elevators. The plastic is thick and sturdy and the clear parts are astoundingly clear, the best clear moldings I’ve ever seen.
Starting with the cockpit, it is unusual in that it’s designed to be assembled and inserted into the nose as one piece, and as such the detail is more basic than the Tamiya kit, which at first I found puzzling, given the price being about the same as the Tamiya kit. I used most of Eduard’s excellent painted pe cockpit set for the details, although the kit details are perfectly fine, especially the instrument panel. The pe set adds a level of finesse to the cockpit that the kit parts lack, especially the side panels and radio xmtr/reciever. Missing is the “Gee” navigation reciever and most of the details in the bomb aimer’s position in the nose. I used Tamiya XF61 interior green overall, with the details picked out in various Tamiya paints. I assembled the “tub” as per instructions and once all the detailing was done inserted the tub into the nose and Click! like a glove! Perfect fit! After looking over the nose I think I understand the philosophy behind the detailing (or in some cases the lack thereof)……I think it’s designed to be built fast. Some of the cockpit details are very good to excellent, such as the IP and the cockpit side panels, which include the small plywood circles to attach instruments to, some are clunky, such as the rudder pedals and pilot seat, and the BCBS bombsight, and missing, like the nose details, the Gee unit and the shelf the radio xmtr sat on behind the pilot. After assembly, thoug, I noticed that what HK included is what you can see. Even though I have lots of references I desided to install the radios as indicated in the instructions anyway, as it’s pretty obvious that HK will release the version I Really want, The Mighty B Mk 35!
Stay tuned for more, I am really enjoying this build, and as always your comments are most welcome!

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI build

  1. Good start! This big Mossie sounds fun to build, enjoy

  2. Lookin’ good so far…we’ll be watchin’… 🙂

  3. I think you may have misplaced/misidentified the shelf in the rear cockpit, since that part is there in my kit.

    Other than that you’re looking good with this.

    • You are correct sir. I misspoke. For some odd reason the instructions have you place the radio on the lower shelf behind the pilots back, even though the shelf is there. The missing Gee unit should go there instead, but I missed that and put the darn xmtr in the wrong spot……..

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