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Modeling a street industry building in 1/24 scale

November 20, 2017 · in Diorama · · 19 ≡

The material used here are form board through out the entire . The asphalt is represented by fine grade sand paper. The sidewalk is formboard painted with a concrete color mix, I had mixed at my local paint store. I used the same paint mix on the concrete portion of the building then used a damp sponge with a mixture of brown and concrete color to blend the colors together to get the brownish look on the building. The corrugated reddish and grey colors are paper bought from a store in England. The sign was printed on paper from logos I found on the net.

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  1. This looks very real indeed! Are the concrete/asphalt surfaces painted? Some info on techniques would be appreciated!

  2. You're definitely in the 'wrong' line of work, sir (whatever that may be) could easily get a job with a movie studio as a model maker...your work is that good.

  3. Nice work Charles. Thanks for posting.

  4. It's just begging for one of those Scania trucks to be parked outside, perhaps off-loading with a fork lift!

  5. Another fantastic build, Charles! Do you give lessons? Your eye for detail and your ability to recreate what you see is phenomenal. I'm with Craig; you could (should) do this professionally.

    Using painted sandpaper for concrete or asphalt - what a great idea. I have a lot of Crocus cloth sheets and they would look great in that capacity, because of the fine grain. Being a steel worker, you might be acquainted with Crocus cloth. It is the finest (I think) grade of sandpaper available at over 1800 grit, depending on whether you get the fine, medium, or coarse. I think the fine is around 2500 grit. I used to be a machinist and have used a LOT of CC since then. (1976-77 time frame)

    Enough about my Crocus Cloth love affair; your scenes are absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to whatever model you use this scene with.

    • Hi Jeffry. HaHa! There are so many pros out there that are way better than me. I just look at how others do them and adapt the methods to suit my style of modeling. 🙂 I was not aware of the crocus cloth. I will have to look it up. Thank you for the tip.

  6. Excellent, the sandpaoer trick works well for me too and it s cheaper than aftermarket stuff. Check outbthis video about Elgin Park. It reminded me of that modeler building 1:24; buildings for vintage car dios.

    Great work!

  7. I Will click on the link soon after I reply. Thank you and appreciate your feedback. Sand paper works well but I had issues trying to glue it down on blue form or formboard. I have been trying different spray glue which seem to work. I think I must try an expensive brand because the cheaper tend not to be too good.

  8. Charles, you might try rubber cement.

  9. Charles, I haven't used any in years. When I did, i used it to make a collage with magazine pictures on poster board. I'd think it would be in the school supplies or art supplies store departments where you are.

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