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Scale Modelworld 2017 Best in Show

November 12, 2017 · in Show Reports · · 14 Comments
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Let’s kick off our coverage of the SMW competition area by presenting the one model that everone’s been waiting for - the 2017 Best in Show. A well deserved winner indeed is this scale Mk. XVIe racer. Enjoy!

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14 responses

  1. Having seen this build from the start on another forum, it is probably the deserved result for Peter of Airscale , well done sir a worthy accolade.

  2. The builder has been blogging his progress this past year and the detail inside the cockpit,radiators,and gear wells is just as detailed as the out side. Things you can't easily photograph now that the model is done. Nice touch with the oil pan. Even with out the signage you get the feeling that the kit is a "Winner". Going up against such a master crafts person...makes you think that like in golf a handicap should be allowed for the mortals.

  3. I've been watching the progress of this piece of "art" as well...certainly no surprise that it won Best of Show. Stellar workmanship abounds in this model. Congratulations to the craftsman.

  4. Yes watching this come together on the net has been inspiring. This is model making, as opposed to model building, and I complain when my Trumpyboss kit has some shape issues I need to fix!

  5. Stunning build. I hope I will see it in person one day... And well deserved prize!

  6. The shinning metal is as authentic as it can be.
    Any info about scale and model background? Is it scratchbuild?

  7. "Model making as opposed to model building" - yes indeed! And of course if you watched his progress on his Sea Fury and Tigercat you know this is no one-time fluke. True artistic craftsmanship. Hurrah for Peter!

  8. Oh man I forgot about the Tigercat and Sea Fury, yes an artist for sure!

  9. Is this the guy that was posting his build on Hyperscske the last 2 years ir so...? Airscale, I think?

    If so, it’s extremely well-deserved.

  10. Amazing! It looks like you could get in it, start it up and fly away! Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. One word: SICK. Congrats to the builder.

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