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Tyre Haul

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  1. Hey there Charles, this old guy thinks you build some really cool stuff, love your posts. Keep them coming.

  2. You really should show us your display area(s), Charles….love to see ’em all together sometime….(at least the ones that you have).

  3. Charles, even the grease on the “Fifth wheel” looks real! Old, nasty, used grease. I’ve seen a ton of it.

    You do museum quality work.


  4. You have a great eye for detail Charles – well done!

  5. You have an amazing eye for small details (the contents of the cab), that driver’s seat looks like the guy just climbed out. Your ability to show use and weathering is superb. The overall realism is amazing.

  6. Charles, every single aspect of this is phenomenal down to the smallest detail! Your weathering abilities are some of the best I’ve ever seen!

  7. Charles, you have a way with working vehicles. Replacement doors that don’t match the original paint job, road dirt, rust, all not overdone and believable. And no airbrush! Even better!

    • Thanks. When I started off I had to do things on the cheap. That meant using the basic stuff or what I had on hand. I just never got around to buying one. But I already bought a cheap one to practice, but no compressor. I am still wanting a dedicated room so I can have somewhere to put it.

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