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Wasteland ‘Anti-gravity’ bike Extreme Edition, ver. MK4

Yep. I am a sci-fi builder as well. 🙂 This build was inspired from a 3D artist drawing of a wasteland hover bike, I found on the net. The 3D drawing gave me the fuel to build something similar. But as always, I kind of like to tweak things to give it my personal design. The build is a mixture of 60% kit-bashing and 40% scratch building.

Unfortunately, I decided to take pics of this build, whilst I was in the middle of it. So the actual beginning stages are not shown( things like me cutting the roof and chassis of the outer shell of the bike) But you can pretty much see how it was done. So the wip photos are at a minimum. So do not expect part-for-part photos of everything I used. Sorry. It will be rather quick. To get the various angle I just sparsely cut the different section plastic card into 3 sections then bend each sections carefully to get the angle I needed.

I used several kits, varying from Italeri M977 to Tamiya bike kit(of course). A MAN kit part was also used in the making. Everything from small house materials to tiny kit parts with different dimensions. The parts that I could not find, I just scratch built. So, I hope you like the build.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to Wasteland ‘Anti-gravity’ bike Extreme Edition, ver. MK4

  1. Great idea, Charles. I like this approach.

  2. I dunno how ya do it… have “magic fingers”, ma man. 🙂

  3. I want one!! Trying to guess all the kits… That’s a panigale exhaust can! Really cool build mate, two thumbs up!

  4. Sorry. My auto spelling is really messed up on this phone. I did spell your name correctly but the auto correct function decided on another spelling.

  5. Count me in for wanting one!

    Great “what if” sci-fi creation, Charles!

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