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1/32 Roden O-2 Oh no!!!!!

Well I was really looking forward to this kit. There is a fair bit of flash but that is not really a concern. I am a reasonably competent modeller but I have to say aligning and bonding the upper fuselage will challenge the best of us. It is bent in multiple ways around the upper observation windows area and has very little in the way of contact points. This is not helped by the feel of the plastic, it is very soft and thin. Not good given the warp and twist that exists in the fuselage. The clear parts are not clear on my example. The windscreen has a crack on one side and stress cracks on the other side. The decal sheet will be needing replaced as mostly its out of register and some decals ie rescue are printed as resque. It is the only game in town but lets just say I am glad I didnt pay full price for this. It is possibly the worst kit ive seen in a very long time and ive seen a few over the years. Never mind the frying pan I am thinking fling it on the fire and forget it. Maybe mine is just a bad one. You have been forewarned.

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  1. This isn't the first time I'd heard bad things about this kit. Why not send it back to Roden and let 'em see for themselves the issues with which one has to contend. They just might "make it right" in some way (replacement, refund, credit...sumthin') - who knows? Ya got nuthin' to lose, right?

  2. In this day and age this is RUBBISH...good luck with this one Anthony, I would much rather scratch build one, at least I could get it to fit better. I was looking forward to the release of this kit, I don't want one any more.

  3. Give it up buddy, life's too short to waste on rubbish like this, I'd do like Craig said and send it back to them, they should be ashamed that this kind of thing is leaving there site.
    Good luck with it N.

  4. Youch! I feel for you, and would totally understand moving on to another project and considering this one a writing exercise!

  5. There is a reason why one doesn´t buy Roden. To even hope for a reasonable kit is to punish oneself. There are too many good kits to build, ignore this one.

  6. Good luck, Anthony - IF you decide to finish it. I'm not familiar with Roden and from what I see here the company should rename themselves Rotten.

    Shame - shame - shame on you, Rotten Models!

  7. Thanks for the warning, are you reading this by any chance messrs Roden? If so a reply would be appreciated.

  8. Anthony, if you continue down this build road, you are a Very Brave sole. My attempt at that mess was one of the few projects to hit the drywll at Mach 2!

  9. Great plane, got the 1:48 Testor's I'll never shoot at it 🙂

  10. Testors are way better than this ive built a few.

  11. Thank you for this warning, I was about to buy this interesting kit. Very sad to read this. Maybe it is a bad (Monday) sample? Looks a bit unpredictable molding cooling problem. Hurry and urgency to push products out now before the end of the year might be the reason for this? I have got very good service from Roden directly so hopefully you will get your O2 sprues replaced.

  12. Thanks for the warning! I was really looking forward to this as an addition to my 1/32nd Vietnam FAC collection. I will take a pass on this kit. There is absolutely no excuse for an injected plastic kit these days to have these kinds of defects. The word will get out on all the modeling websites and Roden will pay the price. .

  13. Wow this is very bad quality control, to say the least. And totally unacceptable! That is going to take some patience and deftness to get it all lined up. The decals being messed up is simply absurd. A serious misfire from Roden for sure.

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