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1/32 Silver Wings Boeing Stearman.

December 10, 2017 · in Aviation · · 41 Comments

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and hope to post some nice builds for you, hope you like this one. This was a great kit for me to build. This Silver-wings kit comes with very nice photo-etched parts and reinforced struts. The kit is full resin and has very nice details. The paint scheme concept is a made up as a civilian owned private plane.
Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

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41 responses

  1. That is one pretty build there, Steve...very nice work!

    • Thank you Craig. I love building these kind of kits. I wish there was a 1/32 Waco out there to build up. I was thinking of scratch building one, I think it would be a neat challenge.
      Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

  2. Welcome, this is so cool, I love the silver wings kits. Very nice indeed.

    • Thank you Marc. I really enjoyed building up this kit, it is very well designed and the kit it very strong with great reinforcements.
      Thank you again Marc.
      Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

  3. Welcome aboard Steve ,that's a really great build to start your ball rolling with,I'm sure you'll make some friends here within the general population and also with guys who more closely share your interests.
    Whereabouts on the planet are you by the way ?

  4. Thank you Neil. I have noticed some great modelers and glad that I found this site to learn new techniques and hope to share as much as I can. I'm in West Allis, Wisconsin USA.
    Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

  5. The Boeing Stearman PT-17 is probably my favorite airplane and this model is just flat out gorgeous! Great job!


  6. Really nice finish.

  7. One question: How did you make that propellor look so real?

    • Thank you Gary. Base coat with Tamiya buff, then make small strips of Tamiya tape across the entire blade span and then paint on a dark brown, lift the tape, paint on the tip coating,paint on a metal edge near the tips, coat entire blade with Tamiya clear orange,add decals and clear coat it all in with future. :O)
      Merry Christmas to you and your family Gary.
      Steve Cook :O)

  8. Awesome stuff there Steve

  9. You need to show that on Agape

  10. Hi Paul, its already posted there. :O)

  11. Steve, welcome! Beautifully done and painted! Looks real!

    • Thank you Bernard. I really enjoyed building this kit. The details are done very nicely. Comes with photo-etched parts and is reinforced in all of the struts. Merry Christmas Bernard!
      Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

  12. Having managed to put 250 hours on old PT-17 Boeing November-747-Junior (how we called in the N-number) this model brings back a lot of fond memories from 45 years ago. This looks very realistic.

  13. This looks very realistic... Like Tom C., I have some stick time in a PT-17, but it was many years ago, and for only 1 hour... 🙂
    I loved every minute of it. The grin on my face was there for several days.

    Funny Steve, that you should mention the Waco... My first airplane flight ever... was in a UPF-7. Both are great planes, but I prefer the Waco.

    Welcome aboard, and Merry Christmas to you...

    • Hi Louis, thank you for the kind compliment. I have fight sim and its almost like the real thing! I love to build them but I'm deathly afraid of flying! :O) I flew in a Cherokee 180 it was fun at first until we started doing some steep turns ! Ill just stick to flight simulator. :O) My friends father owned a Waco, and the paint scheme was derived from it. It sure is a beautiful plane.
      Best regards, and Merry Christmas! :O)
      Steve Cook

  14. A great build and a beautiful scheme, welcome!

  15. Steve, first off, welcome to imodeler, and a nice way to start with this beauty ! Well done !, As I give this a close look, this is a very well built and attractive build, I like it a lot !

  16. Excellent work Steve, very well done indeed. And welcome to the best modeling site on the web. And a very Merry Christmas to you as well.

    • Thank you Tom. This build was a tribute to my friends father, he was an excellent pilot and one of the best! He passed a few years ago and I wanted it to be the best I could build for him. His name is being inscribed on the National Air and Space Museum's Wall of Honer. Carl Wayne DeHaven, III.
      Thank you again Sir. Happy Holidays!
      Steve Cook :O)

  17. Looks like you've scored a hit with your first posting here, Steve, and well deserved, too. December 11th is a bit early for me, but, I'll make the most of the opportunity and wish you a Merry Christmas as well!

  18. Beautifully done, Steve. Welcome!

  19. She's a beautiful model Steve - well done! And welcome aboard!

  20. Hello Steve,
    Welcome. Your first entree is an eye catcher.
    Well build and finished. I had the pleasure of a short flight in the real thing.
    Starting from Kissimmee Florida. Short ride, because my front windscreen got covered in oil from the engine. We floated back to the runway. No oil on my close, the windscreen worked perfectly. I got fully refunded and had a beer with the pilot.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    • Thank you Dirk! That must have been exciting and scary at the same time. You must have nerves of steel! If I would have seen oil coming out, I would have bailed out of fear. Good side of it, you saved some money, kept your clothes clean and made it down to enjoy a brew! :O)
      Happy Holidays Dirk! Steve Cook :O)

  21. Superb build of one of my favorite aircraft. Looks like one could climb in and fly away. Beautiful representation of the wood Sensenich. Some of my most pleasant flying memories are larking about over Mississippi in a Stearman. I always liked the difficult scalloping schemes found on aircraft of the thirties, forties and fifties. Scalloping made the aircraft look like they always were going fast. The idea faded away with the multi-mach jet age where paint would not even stay on the aircraft.

    I once had an inter-cooler line break on the top cylinder, half way down a swath run. Instantly, there was oil all over the Cat's windscreen, obliterating my view. Fortunately I was empty and flying without door panels, so I pulled my goggles down and stuck my head out the side, allowing me to see well enough to jump over the power lines and make an emergency landing on the road paralleling the field. It was another one of those aerial moments that passes so quickly, one never has any time to think about it.

    • Thank you for the kind compliment. I never had the chance to fly in one but only on Microsoft flight simulator. That sounds like a very hair raising experience! Thank God you made it in safely and you missed any cars on the road. My friends father owned one and its where the inspiration came from to build this kit. He also owned a Waco and a Piper Super Cub. We did do a build for the Super Cub but could not find the Waco in 1/32 scale, hard one to find if it even exists. The paint scheme was thought up be my friend who has a special talent for civilian paint schemes.

      Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

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