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Hi all modeling friends!
Are you ready to pick up the gauntlet and accept THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE?

Here is how it’s done:
1. Pick a kit that has been lying in your stash for at least a year.
2. Set a time and a date, no more than six months ahead, for when the model is to be finished*
3. Inspect your frying pan, to make sure that it is in working order.
4. Make your challenge public, by posting a photo of you, the kit and the frying pan, here on iModeler. Be sure to include time and date for when the model is to be finished.
5. If the model isn’t finished before the set time and date, smash it with the frying pan.
6. Post a picture of the finished or the smashed model here on iModeler, no later than one day after your set finishing date.

* “Finished” means that the model has been built, painted, decaled and looks like the object it is supposed to replicate.

I hereby promise, that I will build this model of the Wellington and finish it before 2400 Hrs the 31 of December 2017. If not, I shall smash it with my frying pan.

Posts of Work In Progress will follow.

32 responses to Are you ready for THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE!

  1. Great idea Ulf, let me finish my current project and then I’m in…..

  2. Let me think a little of step 5 and 6 πŸ˜€

  3. Save yourself the effort of Steps 1-5, Ulf, and just use the pan on that Wellington now!

  4. I’ve got to think about this one, interesting idea though.

  5. Personally, (nothing personal toward YOU, mind you)….but I’d be curious to see exactly what a frying pan would DO to the unfinished kit. I know from past experience what a FIST will do, but a frying pan? I like your thinking, though. πŸ™‚

  6. Ulf, you’re looking maniacal! And I mean that in an admiring way!

  7. Ahah, gotta love the homicidal eyes you give that kit!
    As crazy as it seems, the prospect of smashing the model if one fails the deadline kinda appeals to me…I will join this early next year, when at least one of my current projects is completed

  8. You’re gonna need a bigger pan.

  9. OK, I think we need a machine rather that have a) a huge digital display counting down the set number of days/hours/minutes/seconds/hundreds of a second to stress the builder a bit (letΒ΄s call it incentive 1); b) a guillotine of some sorts smashing the unbuilt model when the set time has lapsed (letΒ΄s call it incentive 2). Ka-SMACK! No way to save it unless built then; c) a web cam automatically updating the situation on iModeler.

  10. I’d need more than one frying pan. Every kit in my stash falls into that category!

  11. In my experience, you should be able to have it done in a week. Depends on how much detail of the interior aft of the cockpit (that you’ll never see again) you want to do.

  12. Interesting project, but, I have two questions, first, I don’t have a stash, it was one of my own rules when I re-entered the hobby a couple of years ago. Second, I don’t have a frying pan either, can I use a wok instead?

  13. To answer the question, no, I’m not ready. Some have one catharsis, some have another. But Ulf, I am looking forward to that Wellington, and I don’t mean in pieces.

  14. Safety first !!!! Don’t forget your protective eye wear………….. Parts may go flying…………….

    But I’m with David on this one……….. I’d rather see it completed. I personally couldn’t see myself smashing one, even though I have wanted to a few times.

  15. Ulf, I challenge you to build it in 4 weeks. If you managed to get the He 177 built you ought to get this over the finish line too.

  16. When I was working on a Nashorn kit, at some point during the paint job I wanted to throw it against the wall and start allover… Yet in the end it became one of the nicest models I had ever made I find. You never know what is going to happen…

  17. Ulf, maybe you should change the name to the Bipolar challenge?

  18. 1/72 Seabee by Mach 2 kits and Moebius Battlestar Gallactica Viper scale unknown both of these went against the wall at high speed, the Seabee I actually stomped on as well, both utter rubbish and deserved there fate….

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