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HPH B-36 Peacemaker In Table Crushing 1/48 Scale!

HPH has gone all out now. The kit I have been dreaming about since childhood that everyone said no one would ever make just got released today. HPH was at Telford, but I don’t know if they brought a prototype with them. (At least I havent seen any pictures of it there. Anyone have any?) The photoetch in the cockpit more than likely will be printed as it was on the Beagle, Concorde and XB-70 along with some seatbelts. HPH molds wire into their landing gear and it looks like this one has it extend clear to the ground to support the weight. The bomb bays look pretty good from these photos and is impressively filled with what I’m guessing are Tallboys. According to the site, 83 of the 100 kits are spoken for, so I hope at least one holds out till the 15th! (I would assume so, they said the Concorde was also limited to 100 kits and is still for sale on the site.) They don’t have the PDF instructions on site yet so I’m interested to see if an early Peacemaker could be modeled and if the turrets are included. (You may have the options if you’re required to open your own bomb bays. As shown it has the two 32′ bays, but depending on the variant they were broken up differently. Also the early ones had sliding bay doors like a B-24.) The big shocker is the price. They had quoted one before release (and it was hefty) but the list price on the site is actually slashed by about $100 from their estimate. This will need to be built with removable wings for transport to shows as dimensions are 40.5″ long with a 57.5″ span and almost a foot tall. This should easily dominate a contest table! (It’d be fun to put a Williams Bros 1/48 Fliver or Super Ace with it!) Normally I wouldn’t put an article like this in Headlines but #EXCITED!

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16 responses to HPH B-36 Peacemaker In Table Crushing 1/48 Scale!

  1. Great engineering, but what a bonkers kit this is!

  2. Holy wingspan, Batman…!! 57.5″ !!?? That needs a man-cave/model room of it’s OWN.

  3. Man that looks good!! Anyone seen the transparencies for this kit??? Vacuformed or injection mold???
    Only 17 left????

  4. And I used to think the 1/72 Monogram B-36 was a big kit !!!!!

  5. Plastic overcast!

  6. Do they include a figure of Jimmy Stewart???

  7. You’re gonna have to secure you paint and paint gun from an autobody shop!

    • Not thinking about it yet! Still trying to forget the seven hours
      I spent in the basement with my C-130! Although I won’t be spraying camo this time, so I could put the wide nozzle on the airbrush. (And really I’ll only be using magnesium and aluminum for the most part so I could use Metallizer out of cans and detail with the airbrush.) OR I could just cover the whole thing in BMF. Wait, never mind! I’m still regretting starting that project on my B-29! This one’s getting painted!

  8. I hope someone makes a 1/48 B-52D….

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