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Jacked up

This was a tire change to our plane before flying on it to the Caribbean in 2013

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

5 responses to Jacked up

  1. ….and the passengers had to wait for AAA….?? 🙁

  2. Must not have bought the Premium services contract.

  3. Nice maintenance pic. I wish that I had taken a pic like that when I was out in Herat, Afghanistan, when our An-72 taxied-in with a flat main tire and the crew changed it. In places where there is little or no ground support, the Antonov aircrews bring their own tires along, inside the hold. These tires are not small, and it takes some grunt work to move them, but our crew looked like they had done this before. The airport in Herat has a paved runway, and, overall, it’s fairly good (except for the bathrooms!). Anyway, the tire was changed in short order, and our journey on the Antonov 72 continued. Afghanistan is certainly an adventure, indeed,

    Thnaks for posting that pic…it reminded me of a place that I don’t want to return to.

  4. Wow! a very interesting story, thank you for sharing.

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