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Revell 1:48 F-8E MiG Killer

Known as the Fighting Checkmates and as the MiG Killers, with seven confirmed kills and one probable, including both the first and the last F-8 kill. VF-211 was second in MiG kills only to VF-96’s F-4 Phantoms. Not a bad kit over all. I added a True Details cockpit set which needed some work at the back to close up the fuselage. I also had to sledgehammer the main landing gear into position. The wings come with a wing fold option, a good thing as there would have been more mud than plastic if the wings were modeled in the down position. Also, the afterburner can sits too far back

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20 responses to Revell 1:48 F-8E MiG Killer

  1. This one looks great George !!! Do you know if this one is the same kit that was released by Revell later ??? Also are the folded wings part of the kit or is it a modification that you did ???

    • Dang it Louis, good catch on the kit maker. I’ve amended the title. I’ve also added into my description that there is a wing fold option. After reading other builds and doing some test fitting i felt it was going to be a royal pain in the keester to have the wings posed down

  2. George, that is one pretty build. Well done.

  3. Very attractive colour scheme very neatly applied, and I think the wing fold is a nice touch.

  4. A well-finished model of my favorite jet, in the markings of my favorite squadron – what’s not to like! Great work on your Crusader, George. I finished my fourth Monogram Crusader a few months back, and as your build shows, with a little work you can produce a fine model form this old kit.

  5. Congrats George! Now F8, go get me some MiGs dead or alive!

  6. Turned out nicely, my friend….good work.

  7. Thank you very much gentlemen

  8. Well done, George! Finely painted miniature of an Icon of US Navy aircraft.

  9. Nicely done George a good looking gun fighter. So what pound sledge hammer did you use on that main landing gear? Reference for in case I ever build one buddy.

    • Thank you Tom. The main gears are molded as a single piece and should….should just slot into place but nothing lined up and removing too much plastic would create other issues. Having said that, everything else in the gear well area lined up perfectly. A check of other builds around the net revealed no problems here

  10. Well done – those Crusaders had a very unique stance when on the ground!

  11. Great looking ‘Gunfighter’!!!! Woof woof !

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