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THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE. Part 2. Cockpit and engines.

With the FRYING PAN hanging above my tender neck, like the sword of Damocles, I’ve been working away on the Wellington.

The interior of the aircraft has been build and finished. Trumpeter has added quite a bit of interior to the kit. Much of it won’t be seen so I omitted quite a few parts.

I built the cockpit straight out or the box and painted and weathered it rather summarily. Not much of it will be seen, when the canopy is in place.

The same goes for the engines. Once the cowlings and the props are in place, not much of this will be seen, so this is a pretty basic kind of job.

Now, I’ll get busy masking the clear parts of the gun turrets.
More updates will follow,

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27 responses to THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE. Part 2. Cockpit and engines.

  1. Doesn’t look like you’re gonna need that pan after all, Ulf…. πŸ™‚

  2. Ummmm…. if you don’t have the fuselage together yet, the interior of the fuselage is dark red primer, forthe fabric surface, and the frames are unpainted aluminum. However, since you’re doing a Mk. III without the side windows, you’ll never see any of that so…. your call.

  3. Ulf, I’m with Craig – it’s coming along nicely … with no frying pan needed!

  4. Coming along nicely Ulf! I know 0 about the Wellington insides but yours is very credible to me… guess the pan will be decommissioned soon ahah

  5. As a non-skier, a non-petrol-head and a non-skateboarder I often watch those sports with an eye on the falls and crashes. But I’m not that invested, other than hoping nobody gets hurt. This is more nail-biting! I laughed at the first post – but now I’m really hoping the pan isn’t called upon! Keep going Ulf!

  6. Ulf, I have to tell you something. This thing, it has … wings!

  7. I think you will be able to give the frying pan the boot on this one (there’s a joke there if you look hard enough).

  8. Hey Ulf , You got Cleavered ,now my boy you are truly an iModeller.

  9. Better the skill than the skillet! And now I know stuff about the interior colours of a Wimpy! Might come in handy, one day.

  10. Great progress. You know, you could always use that pan for cooking up a celebratory, (I’m just going to sit here and stare at my completed model and eat this fantastic meal) type thing we do. Just a thought.
    California Steve

  11. So sorry for this.. It looks like I cannot see the pan part..

  12. Thank you all, for these funny comments.

  13. Put some bacon and eggs in that pan, I don’t think you are going to need it for anything else, looking good so far.

  14. Nice to see full interiors in kits even if you will never see them, much like Monogram’s B-29! Even though you’ll never see it, it’s still fun to paint all the details and YOU’LL know it’s there! (And you can always take pictures before it’s sealed off from the light of day!)

  15. I’m sorry but the Trumpeter kit doesn’t build up into anything even REMOTELY resembling a frying pan.

  16. The Dec 1st ” Friday Briefing ” has a beautiful reference of the interior of a Wellington bomber with two crew members looking out the star-board window.. The two gents may have been colorized but, the aircraft interior frame looks to be silver or is bare metal. Too little too late…

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