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1/48 AD-4NA Skyraider

A few years ago, I decided to try and fold the wings on one of my 1/48 Monogram AD-6 skyraiders. the parts seemed to be there, but it was not mentioned in the instructions.
One problem with cutting the wings is that it is impossible to keep the very narrow hinge arms. I put a pause on the build long enough to be intrigued byt the release of some cutting edge decals for an AD-4N.

The Monogram AD-6 can be converted into an AD-4N with an etch set by Airwaves which also provides wing fold detail. I only used the doors as templates to mark out where the doors should be aided by the squadron In Action book on the Skyraider. Unfortunately, the drawing is incorrect for the AD-4N, as the doors on the actual aircraft are directly opposite each other. As you can see by my photos, I had already painted and decalled the fuselage before I noticed the mistake. I was able to remark, and move the etch door as well as the bulged door window which I pulled myself with a form and some heated clear thermoform. I then was able to mask a small section and respray the fuselage colour.

Cockpit is the KMC resin replacement set, and I used the resin cowling as well.
I worked the wing hinges up from thick plastic card and augmented them with some wire hidden behind them for reinforcement.
I airbrushed some exhaust stains on the fuselage before attaching the wings. I used a template for each wing similar to how i set up the flded wings on my 1/48 F7F-2N build here in imodeller.

Napalm tanks are F4U-1 centerline tanks from the Tamiya kit, with backdated wing pylons, and the bombs are a mix of Monogram F9F Panther kit 250lb and 500lb bombs. Centerline bomb is from a Tamiya AD-6 skyraider kit with scratch built straps from plastic card as done for my 1/48 Tamiya AD-4 build also here on Imodeller.

Thanks for looking!

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26 responses to 1/48 AD-4NA Skyraider

  1. Very sexy. Nice to see a showroom condition bird, Dan.

  2. Beautiful job, Dan…and who doesn’t love Skyraiders!

  3. Nice!!! great touch on the red wing locks[braces].

  4. I really like what you did with this…………… Excellent work indeed.

  5. Good to see you posting again, Dan. Interesting that Monogram gave you the parts but no instructions, and you had to cut the wings yourself……… Anyway, you’ve made a great job of it, wing fold models always look that bit more interesting in my opinion.

  6. Thanks George, been a bit busy the last little while- also, did not have much time to photograph the kits I finished! Some more coming soon.

  7. Dan, great to see the night attack version of the singleseater. I wouldn’t want to be the operator in the fuselage.

  8. Love the Korean variant of the Skyraider in it’s GSB scheme. Monogram is a great basis except for the cowling being wrong but you fixed that. I didn’t know about that though I don’t really worry about that until someone pointed it out on a review. Still it is a great kit to work with. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dan, this is really nice, you’ve added a lot of nice details that gives it that extra special look. Well done !

  10. Great Skyraider, Dan. You did really well with the folding wings.

  11. Your AD looks amazing, Dan! Fantastic work improving the old Monogram kit!

  12. Looks great! A real “muscle car” of aircraft, shown in “full flex.”

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