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1/48 Dassault Rafale M

This is the very nicely molded Revell kit. The Rafale is my favorite modern jet and the kit has been in my stash for years. I waited to build it until I found an eye catching set of markings to liven up all of that gray. Xtradecals 48-001 “World AirPower Update” solved that problem with this anniversary scheme. I built it mostly out of the box and closed the canopy because I thought it would be a shame to break up the plane’s graceful lines with it opened. Truthfully, there isn’t much to see in the cockpit. It is dark gray/black and is dominated with digital display screens. Even the seats are 99% black. It really reminds me of a sports car interior! I blanked off the intakes with plastic card and painted them black. The only thing I added besides the decals were two 1250liter drop tanks from the Revell Rafale B kit, which are appropriate for this scheme. This kit comes with the larger 2000liter tanks. I painted it with Humbrol enamels. And I just realized that I should have toned down the national roundels with a gray overspray, but forgot…next time😂

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32 responses to 1/48 Dassault Rafale M

  1. Very nice work, sir….real “eye candy” to anyone who loves aviation (especially jets). 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if it’s my favourite but it certainly looks good, great markings, and I’m with you on keeping the canopy closed.

  3. Very busy tail on that one. Nicely done.

  4. Hello John,
    You represented this aircraft very well. The tail markings bring this overall grey AC to life.
    I would like to add, that to my opinion, the Dutch politicians should have opted for this aircraft instead of the J-35 (Joint Strike Fighter). It has all the capabilities that a small nation like The Netherlands needs.
    The Rafalé has shown in recent years to be a reliable fighter/bomber for the French Navy and Air Force. Regards, Dirk.

  5. John, I too think the Rafale is a beautiful jet. Your version is gorgeous and it has beautiful markings to dress it up. Waiting until you got just the right markings was a great idea!!

    I wouldn’t worry about the “bright” roundels – most folks wouldn’t know!


  6. Nicely done John, it’s really geat looking fast mover.

  7. Very like the Typhoon in profile, and arguably suffers from the same modelling fate as the Eurofighter in that it’s fast, it’s grey, but with such standardised load outs and performance characteristics it’s hard to get manufacturers to give the type serious consideration apart from changes in markings. I think the most striking version is from a Tiger Meet – in those spectacular finishes you’d want to model it all day long.

    That said, in its present guise you’ve pushed this as far as possible and to an excellent standard at that.

  8. Nicely finished! I too like the graceful lines of the Rafale – much more pleasing than the bulking F-35. My favorite way to see aircraft is buttoned up and in flight – that’s what they were designed for!

  9. Fantastic work on the Rafale! It’s one of my modern day favorites as well with 2 waiting in my stash at the moment.
    Great work on the decals, specialy the tail.
    Good swap of the fueltanks, specialy for this version, and like I said it looks great.

  10. I’m not that much a fan of modern jets, but I do like the Rafale, and you have done a really nice job here with this. Great markings.

  11. Really great finish. The tail markings look impressive.

  12. Nice build on a great jet!

  13. Excellent work John !!! She turned out fantastic……

  14. John, a very good build with a very attractive scheme. Well done !

  15. Like it, nice and clean build. This plane (Rafale) is so beatifull

  16. Terrific build John ! That scheme is a treat ! Thank you !

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