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1/48 Minicraft F4U-4B VMF-323 Korea

January 21, 2018 · in Aviation · · 16 ≡

This -4B has all the same modifications as my other F4U-4B here on Imodeler, except that the wings are not folded, and I have used a flap set from the Verlinden F4U-4 detail set for the Hasegawa kit.

The weapons are 1000 lb bombs from the Hasegawa late corsair kits, 250lb bombs from the Monogram F9F Panther kit, and two very small bombs found in the Eduard F6F kit. The etch fins for these almost had me losing my eyesight!

I have no idea what they are, flares or some other type of marking ordnance, but if someone could enlighten me as to what they are I would be grateful. I have seen small bombs like these in some Korean F4U-4B pictures as part of a mixed load, so I took a chance in using them.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Another excellent Corsair build, keep them coming, Dan.

  2. Another nice piece of work, Dan...could it be those smaller bombs are 100 pounders?

    • weirdly I am not sure- I think they are a 100lb variety of something- not sure what!
      In a number of pictures it also seems that 3 250lb on the wing pylons was a regular practice- maybe I have overloaded the wings by adding those smaller items.

  3. Beautiful Bent-Bing Bird, Bud! (uh, Dan, I mean bent-WING, not bing bird.) Ha!

  4. Looks good Dan and fully loaded as well,

  5. Nice work Dan on the Corsairs and the Skyraider. Always nice to see GSB models and you did a fine job on all of them.

    • Thanks Very much Jim- dang! I didn't send you pics or a mention i was posting these! Thanks for your help with pictures and information- the Corsairs would not have finished as fast as they did without your involvement!
      My apologies- I miraculously found some free time to photograph kits this weekend much to the chagrin of my lovely wife, and pushed hard to get them posted. Completely slipped my mind to let you see them before now!

  6. Another sharp build!

  7. Another fabulous looking F4U ... My all time favorite plane. You did a fine job with it. It's nice to see Korean War Corsairs built.

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