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Glamorous Glennis (in 48th scale)

Hi folks and a happy 2018 to you all.

This is the Bell X-1 “Glamorous Glennis” named after his wife as flown by Chuck Yeager on the 14th of October 1947 for its historic supersonic flight, the first manned aircraft to do so.

I’m not sure if it’s DNF for 2017 or an early starter for 2018 but it’s complete and I’m happy with that.

I bought this from Tony at Modelnerds at QMHE in late August. It’s my third boxing of this kit after selling on the previous two release and this one I finally built. Being a profipack kit it contained extras in the way of a photo etch fret, resin wheel and canopy mask. The wheels are far better than the two piece plastic items and the masks is a big help considering the separate frames for the canopy. The plastic pitot tubes on the nose and wing tips were replaced with brass rod and tube which are again much better defined than the kit specimens.

One thing I did learn is to be sure to paint the glueing edge of a canopy particularly when it’s visible. Next time I’ll use the canopy glue rather than the Tamiya Extra thin in a situation like this.

The only gripe I have is the decal placement guide. For this historic aircraft no date is given for the particular flight, only referring to it as the later part of 1947. This in turns means that the markings a re slightly different than those suggested. For the record breaking flight the ‘Bell Aircraft’ logo was on the port nose which is not present on the decal placement guide.

This was one of two changes made to the markings, the second was to remove the ‘A.M.C. Flight Test Division Wright Field Decal’ as it was not present.

Assembly was straight forward with the supplied etch pieces used to enhance the spartan cockpit in the way of seat straps and instrument panel. Once the cockpit was done the build was rapid as the wings and tailplane are single piece. Once joined with the fuselage some Mr Surfacer fixed up the average gap and then some Gunze H14 Orange was applied. Once done it sat for two months! Fast forward to last night and I sat down and decalled it in one session. Today I’ve finished off the fiddly parts and voila!

I held off on panel line washes except for the flight control surfaces as any colour applied to the panel line would break its clean lines.

Here ’tis.

Hope you like it.


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19 responses to Glamorous Glennis (in 48th scale)

  1. Very neat work, I hope Glennis was impressed.

  2. Nice lookin’ build, Michael – 48th scale?

  3. Hello, Michael and Happy 2018!

    Beautiful !! I too, would like to know the scale. Not all of us have “an other site.” Ha!

    I’ve long admired Chuck Yeager and this aircraft. Pure 1920s to 1950s science fiction cool shape … that worked !

  4. Fantastic Job, very well done!

  5. A beautiful build !

  6. Supposedly the aircraft shape is taken from the .50 cal. round. Agree with Jeff, it did work! And it do look like something from Wierd Stories.
    Nice job on her! Epochical aircraft!

  7. This one looks fantastic. I never knew what everyone was talking about referencing the “other site” either. I guess it’s time to crawl out from under my rock………….. Now where’s the broom stick handle Yeager used ????

    Happy 2018 to you too……….. Thanks for posting.

  8. Looks great! Such an icon.

  9. Thanks for all of the great comments folks. A new one soon!

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