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To all our members & readers – Happy New Year!

To all the members, supporters, writers and commenters at iModeler – best wishes of a Happy New Year.

Wishing each and every one of you a healthy and prosperous 2018, with plenty of time and inspiration to devote to our common favorite hobby.

We’d also like to thank you all for all the articles, comments and feedback shared in 2017. Each new story at the headlines had been a joy to discover, and each started and completed model a source of never-ending inspiration.

During the year, iModeler has evolved in many fundamental ways. We have started a company around it. The editorial team was joined by Johannes, then Boris. We started a bi-weekly member newsletter. Welcomed more new members than in any preceding year. Enjoyed a record flow of contributions (almost 1500 new articles during the year!), comments, plus other user-driven initiatives such as group builds. Awarded 24 kits in our monthly contest. Started a t-shirt store. Developed a format for kit reviews. Launched a sister site, Grand Retro, devoted to vintage cars. Came a long way in developing the next version of our software platform, to be revealed soon.

That’s easily the most intense year in the 5-year history of this service!

That said, it really is everyone’s effort that constantly keeps making iModeler better and better. For our part, we will humbly continue our endeavors of providing the best possible presentation stage for all kinds of modeling, and a worthy home for this fabulous community.

Can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring. Can you?

15 responses to To all our members & readers – Happy New Year!

  1. My wife asks me why do I look at this site so often, the answer is simple, because I like it and enjoy it!

  2. ….and we thank all of you for creating this great modeling site and all the hard work it takes to keep it running….Happy New Year to everyone at iModeler.

  3. Yes thank you iModeler, happy new year !!!

  4. A great big “Thank You” goes out to the Imodeler staff and fellow members. Together you have made this one great place !!!! Happy New Year everyone.

  5. I check out this site before I even have a coffee in the morning, even when I travel for work. This is an amazing site with amazing modellers, thank you all for making this such a wonderful site. Happy New Year.

  6. Thank you so much iModeler and happy new year too 🙂


  7. Wishing everyone on iModeler a Happy New Year.
    Thank you to all the iModeler team for taking the time to run the site, it’s much appreciated by us all I’m sure.

  8. Happy new year to Martin and the iModeller team and to all my friends here on this site.

  9. Finding this site just about the time I retired was a good thing for me, and being in touch internationally with others is great, again to everyone, A Peaceful and Happy New Year!!

  10. Great site, great modelers, and a staff that has produce a premier place for modelers to interact. What’s not to like. Happy New Year to one and all. Keep up the good work Martin it’s much appreciated.

  11. Happy new year everyone!

  12. Happy New Year to all.

  13. Best wishes to all for 2018 !
    Many thanks to you Martin, and the rest of the iModeler team for all your efforts in 2017.

  14. Best wishes for a happy, prosperous, healthy, and model-filled new year!

  15. Happy New year everyone! A big thank you to the iModeler team for all your work in 2017.

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