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Hurricane Mk IV

Here is my Hurricane Mk IV, this is a 6 Squadron aircraft flown by Bert Newman in late 1944/early 1945. Bert has recently been interviewed by John Mollison and this will appear on Johns website ( ) soon. Bert was able to give us lots of interesting info which enabled me to build this model of KZ191. The model is based on the 48 scale Airfix Mk1. The MkIV had the later Merlin so was longer in the nose, however this is almost impossible to fix as an entire now nose is required, there was no simple ‘plug’ to lengthen it. However, by adding the longer spinner, later prop and oil catch plate, it detracts from this. Its only about 2 1/2 mm in this scale anyway. Wings needed extensive remodelling top make them into the ‘universal wing’. The armoured radiator was scratchbuilt. The rockets are Aerobonus and the drop tank from Quickboost. This will be featured in MAI soon. Hope you enjoy the photos!

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to Hurricane Mk IV

  1. Alan, this looks great, Well done !

  2. Great job, Alan…turned out really well. As I recall, the Hurricane scored more enemy aircraft shoot-downs that the venerable Spitfire did – but I think there were more ‘Canes than Spits employed by the RAF. I like this a lot.

  3. Very nice Alan! I’ve never seen an asymmetrical load like that. Love the scheme you selected, and as always your models are finished out quite nicely.

  4. Beautiful paintwork.

  5. Wonderfully done, Alan. No guns? I guess I was looking for the customary tape covering the muzzle holes.

    Beautifully built & finished. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Another jewel for the eyes Alan. Interesting load out with the drop tank on one side and the four rockets on the port side. Was this done for a specific mission? Four rockets is a small load out and the aircraft must have flown with its squadron mates to make the mission worth while. One would think that eight rockets would be the norm.
    Two thumbs up on the build.

    • Thanks Stephen, this was a common configuration for 6 Squadrons Hurribombers, there are quite a few photos online but Bert confirmed this configuration to us and also told us it could be either way round (ie with the tank/rockets on the other wing).

  7. Very nice, Alan. The finishes are especially fine.

  8. Fantastic work on the ‘remodelling’ Alan – very interesting aircraft and a brilliant job representing it!

  9. Alan may counter with a few rebuttas… but gawd bless the man; he’s a modeling genius.

    Bert Newman’s day has been wholly met – thank you Alan for being such a gentleman… and for me, I owe you more beers than you can drink.

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