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1/25 Richard Petty Short-Track Dodge Dart NASCAR Kit-Car

I grew up near a short-track called "Seekonk Speedway". As a kid and an adult I loved the look of these short-track cars. But as a kid I struggled with getting the model cars to look like the real thing. I switched to building mostly aircraft, tanks, ships, etc. I know was on of the brands that filled the hobby section shelves with these unique short-track machines and now they are still filling the shelves. When I saw these kits again at the local hobby shop I needed to give it another shot. I also Knew I could make them even better with the large assortment of after-market add-ons and my scratch-building skills. SO I purchased this model and jumped right in.

I added a few goodies to this already nice kit. SOme of these included new modified race rims, and tires. Engine wiring and plumbing, Trunk and fuel tank details with more plumbing. Modified the racing seat and added harness and safety net. Added the foam cushions using black electrical tape to the roll-bars/crash cage. Added some internal cockpit details. AIr filter is spun aluminium after-market product. I also used bare-metal foil on some of the metal and chrome parts to add visual interest. Also added battery to the trunk with wiring. The car body was spray painted using Tamiya spray-can which was a perfect match for the Petty blue used in that era.

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Your Petty Dart looks great ! You captured the look really well. My other hobby now that I have retired is full size auto restoration. I specialize in the older Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars. I have seen quite a few Petty cars. The 355 was based on the smaller 340 "Mopar" engine, and was quite a contender in its day.

    Like you I grew up near a NASCAR track. Mine was Daytona. I have been very fortunate to meet Richard Petty on many occasions. He is a good man, and is very dedicated to his fans.

    Later in life I had the opportunity to actually work at the Daytona Speedway during the races. I worked in pit row as a fire fighter. That didn't last long though, simply because it was unbearable wearing full turn out / bunker structural firefighting gear during the hot Florida summers (in the full sunshine, while standing on dark asphalt) . On average I lost at least 5 pounds per race simply by sweating. I have literally poured sweat out of my boots ! No kidding. Now that they race during the night it's much better for everyone.

    I like your Petty build for many reasons... Well done.

  2. Very well done indeed...your extensive detail work really shines through. I once completed a montage of sorts of the King's racecars, from the Oldsmobile (I think) convertible through the Cheerios car - I think there were something like 24 of them encased in a custom made cabinet. I employed everything from resin-bodied kits, re-worked diecast cars, some off the shelf kits and even some Franklin Mint examples. They were [unfortunately] all sold off as a set back in the "lean years". Your short track version was not among them and you've done this one proud.

    • Wow, kind words thank you. I love your collection. I to have had lean years and I do not have a single model in my home. They are all built these days for sale including selling off the Dodge. That was one I held onto for the longest time by posting it with a very high price tag so no-one would want it. Finally needed the money and lowed the sold in a day. I do want to build more of his classic race cars, most likely next one will be the 1/16 scale model.

  3. Paul, great work on this, you really captured the look of these short track cars with this. My brother raced the short tracks up and down the west coast and I use to build a lot of those AMT kits trying to replicate the ones I watched, so this brings back a lot a memories of my early modeling days.

  4. Looks good Paul, lots of detailing, like the Petty blue, well done.

  5. A great build! Go Mopar!

  6. Very nice. Another Teixeira Special.

  7. I consider myself to be a motor racing fan but I'm not really into the American scene, but this car looks awesome, your extra work really bringing it to life. I have seen a few NASCAR cars that have been brought over to the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and they make a fantastic display, even though they have a standing start and have to steer right and left...

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