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1/32 mt fuji eagle jasdf

I had wanted to do this project for such a LOOOOONG time! Searched for the kit/decals for over a decade and finally resigned myself to the fact that it was permanently out of print. Then a 1/72 scale, sealed Hasegawa kit popped up on eBay and I jumped on it! But sitting there looking at those beautiful decals, it was obvious that only a “canvas” in 1/32 would EVER do them justice. So, I scanned the decals, blew them up to 1/32 size, and after many test fittings of black and white plain paper versions to a kit that I had I went at it. Of course the greenish colored decal paper background came out on my newly home printed decals so I had to hand paint in over that on the model. You can see a few samples of the green backed versions pre-painting. I LOVE to paint so I took it on as a hand-eye-coordination challenge. I’m retired and nearing 70 so I figured I had better use my skills while I still have them! The plane’s decals are almost all hand overpainted with enamels and/or acrylics. I did find a few very small cherry blossom twigs decals to add some branch end details so those worked out very well. Also found some Asian word/letter icons in gold so I used those on the nose and fuel tanks. I have NO idea what they mean but they “pop” so I’ll live with it! Model is finished with Future floor wax in the gloss areas and Model Master flat lacquer in the non-gloss areas…I tend towards Tiger Meet and artsy airline liveries these days so it fits right in with the rest of my colorful projects. Hope you all enjoy it! I’m learning a lot about new techniques and tools since I have re-entered modeling after 40 years out of the plastic/glue/paint loop! Great fun! 🙂

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  1. Gary, welcome back, with a bang! One of the most beautiful schemes I’ve ever seen! And you have done it justice – brilliant!

  2. That’s just beautiful, sir…what a great scheme (and build). Welcome aboard. 🙂

  3. Amazing, wow…………………………..

  4. Beautiful – simply beautiful! Well done, Gary!

  5. That’s a real work of art.

  6. Thanks to everyone who are enjoying this…I got tired of doing gray and greens before I stopped modeling decades ago…..color is where it’s at for me now that I’m finally back…gonna enjoy it as long as I can….will post some more and will continue to enjoy and learn from your great projects as well…makes every day a great one! :-)))

  7. Beautiful work, Gary!

    If you happen to be considering doing another of the JSDF schemes like that one, I’d like to invite you to participate in the Nose Art group build that will start March 1st. It would be a welcome addition!

    Welcome to the asylum!

  8. Yup, there’s always room for one more at the booby hatch.

  9. Beautifully done, Gary. I know what you mean about getting all ’50 shades of grey and green’.
    Can’t wait to see your next project.

  10. Gary, beautiful choice! A real eye catcher! Nicely done!

  11. Wow – very vivid scheme! Well done.

  12. Great looking model. Very nice colour scheme.

  13. Real nice!!Welcome to the site!

  14. That’s really impressive! Well done on the custom decals!

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