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1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair VMF-214

I highly recommend this model due it’s incredible level of detail out of the box, as well as, the high standard of engineering resulting in perfect fits. Yes, at over $150.00 USD, it is considered pricey, but after building this wonderful kit I feel it is a good value. Considering the price of after-market parts available to bring a standard model up to the level of detail available in this kit is why it is a good value. Basically you really dont need any aftermarket parts to build a museum quality, high-detail airplane. The only area of the kit I added detail on was the inner cowl flaps. I built my own details in this area. Ironically despite the perfect engineering of this kit I did have some self imposed build issues. I say ironically because it is the perfect fit that gave me trouble in 2 areas. Basically the tolerances are so tight that if you do not build it perfectly it will bite you down the line in the assembly process. Secondary the parts can be so tight that once you assemble, even without glue. it is difficult to pull apart without damaging the parts. I dry fitted the cockpit bulkheads to insure good alignment and correct assembly and when I tried to pull apart the dry fitted assembly the locating pins shared off. This resulted in some miss-alignments in setting up the cockpit assembly perfectly to insure fuselage halves seated properly. I also made the same error when dry fitting the main landing gear struts into the wheel wells. Could not pull out the landing gear from wells and snapped the plastic locating pins. I was able to work around this issue once it was time to permanently install the gear. This model fits together really well, but take your time and follow the directions. This Corsair was a consignment build for an aircraft enthusiast who loved the history of Pappy Boyington. This is the 2nd model I built for him, the 1st being Pappy’s Flying Tigers P-40B, also appearing on this site. This Corsair was finished in the scheme used by Pappy when flying with VMF-214. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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17 responses to 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair VMF-214

  1. Incredible level of detail, Paul! This looks like it came right from Pappy’s field.

    Beautifully done, Paul – thanks for sharing.

  2. Paul, really looks nice, an excellent build on an excellent kit. your paint work is great. My only criticism would be to photograph this with a nice / better background. I use some poster size paper I get for less than $2 at a local art store. I found a light grey works best for me. Play with your lighting and you’ll have a real winner. You’ve got the super nice model taken care of, I like it a lot !

  3. Terry’s right, you need a better setting and light to truly get your Corsair the stage it needs. It’s a fantastic build, a true work horse revealed your realistic weathering skills. Congrats Paul, and thanks for sharing with us here

  4. Nicely detailed and weathered, sir – excellent work! (albeit a “cluttered” background – 🙁 )

  5. This is a wonderful build of my all time favorite plane. Plus it’s in “Pappy” Boyington markings……….. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

  6. Incredible…I built the same kit and your is just awesome. You’re a master at weathering. That baby looks like it has been through hell and back.

  7. Another great build of this classic Tamiya kit.

  8. Museum quality were the right words to describe this! Just excellent!

  9. Well done Paul, that weathering job you did is excellent. True museum quality.

  10. Beautifully-done Solomons weathering. It is a great kit and you’ve done a great model with it.

    As to Boyington, I never met an AVG veteran who wouldn’t start jumping up and down shouting what a liar he was. The least ace I ever met on the Decent Human Scale. But that has nothing to do with the great work on this and I never met a Boyington fan whose mind could be changed by facts.

  11. great work, I’m going to the subject of the photos, a model of this quality needs some photos that show it in all its splendor.


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