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1/48 Two-Bobs T-2C: The NATC Jet Pipeline Basic Trainer

I am a huge fan of Naval Aviation training aircraft such as the T-28, T-34C, TA-4J, T-45, etc. IMHO these aircraft were largely ignored by the model companies for many, many years with some OK releases throughout the years but nothing that ever impressed me. If there was one manufactured it was either very old, and toy-like, or not my usual scale of 1/48. I recall many, many moons ago building an old molding matchbox 1/72 T-2C. It was probably my 1st attempt with adding to a model with scratch-built parts needed so badly with this kit. It came out looking like a 1st attempt…LoL.

Recently several model companies have entered a variety of Navy trainers into the market in various scales from 1/72 to 1/32. The Rockwell T-2C Buckeye was among the newly released models. The 2-Bobs version was one of the 1st highly detailed kits of the famous, and hard-working T-2C Buckeye Basic Jet Trainer in 1/48. It was not perfect, being produced by a small, limited-run model company, but it was a modern attempt, with many resin add-ons and details included, as well as, more optional components available from Two-Bobs. It also included a DVD/CD reference data-base to help with your research of this aircraft.

If my memory holds correctly I believed Two-Bobs was a small after-market decal company with a few resin products being available for the modeling community. I think they contracted with one of the European limited-run companies to create the moldings, such as “Special Hobby”. The Two-Bobs T-2C was released in very limited numbers and was initially offered, and released to correspond with a major North American model show. Initially it was only available direct from Two-Bobs. I pre-ordered mine to ensure I got one and recall waiting forever for it’s release. I do believe this same model is now offered by “Special Hobby” in 1/48, as well as, a 1/32 up-scaled version.

The kit was very typical of a modern day limited-run kits composed of plastic, lots of resin, and a PE sheet. It did not have any major issues that overly complicated the build, but is definitely for someone with some more advanced modeling ability. I did not add, nor order, any extra components so I guess I could say it was OOB build. Although I did fabricate a few little extra details to enhance the cockpit/canopy areas such as the canopy “jack-screw” mechanism so prevalent in all Buckeye pictures showing the raised canopy. Once I received the model I did wait some years before building it, waiting for the right motivation to strike me.

Some of the pictures below include an aircraft carrier deck with deck vehicles/figures. This deck set came with a Kinetics T-45 Goshawk combo kit. I believe these extras where molded by Skunkwork models. Over the next month I hope to submit more articles featuring my Naval Aviation Training Command Fleet model aircraft collection to include the T-45, T-28, TA-4J, T-34C, and a WWII Navy N2S.

When finishing the T-2 I wanted to go for the highly worn, and hard worked look of a typical Navy jet trainer exposed to both hot, sub-tropical suns, and the salty air of carrier operations. Also consider who the pilots were…LOL.

Comments are welcomed and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

29 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to 1/48 Two-Bobs T-2C: The NATC Jet Pipeline Basic Trainer

  1. Very nice presentation, sir….good work all around IMO. 🙂

  2. Very nice! I have a Matchbox 1/72 T-2 on deck with a set of TwoBobs decals (actually – going to build both the USN and the Greek versions), and this is an excellent reference/resource. I like to weather aircraft to make them less toy-like, but wasn’t sure how far to go with non-combat, training aircraft, but would have thought they stayed pretty clean. However, the sunbleach effect on the orange panels in particular is something I wondered about, and whether accurate or not, I like the effect you achieved! Looks very convincing, and I’ll probably go for the same, just because I like the visual interest.

  3. What common item I found in many good pics of worn T-2Cs is worn, bleached out orange/red colors. I found this to be common in many of the Navy Training aircraft including T-45s, TA-4Js, etc. Of coarse for every picture I can show you of a dirty, worn aircraft someone will show you a clean one. So I stick to one picture as a reference and I model that aircraft dis-regarding what others may look like. The NATC aircraft have a very high tempo of operations with very high flight cycles, lots of landings/takeoffs, lots of maintenance to keep them flying at a high tempo and they do get worn and dirty. I did not find this to be as common with USAF training aircraft.

  4. Great T-2C!! Love the flight deck and JBD.

  5. Good job, Paul. Special.
    Perhaps you are not aware that TwoBobs Decals is still in business…..great website.

  6. This is a busy looking model and your faded Navy colour scheme looks very convincing, I’m sure the real planes had a hard life and you’ve reflected this very well.

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