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Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing

This is the 1/72 Y-Wing from Bandai. It is very good kit but so far the first one i wouldn’t give to a kid. There is loads of piping it is finicky and fragile. This has taken the longest of any Bandai I have done. Most of the bast build was a fantastic fit. Some of the pipes were time consuming and a little frustrating. I changed up the colours some to be a little different. Then did some weathering to the base ship and pipes. I didn’t want it falling apart but the Rebels rarely had new ships and had to keep what they had in operation for as long as possible. It comes with two pilots. One in the traditional flightsuit and the guys from Return of the Jedi. I had considered doing two but not sure I would now. As its a hefty build time and there are other projects capturing my attention. But I am glad to have built it.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses to Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing

  1. Fantastic detail work, sir…..nice job.

  2. That baby looks like the Corsair of the rebellion. Beat to c**p and still flying. Wonderful detail. I’m thinking a Star Wars group build should be in our future…

  3. Nicely done! You really captured the war weary look.

  4. Ah yes, it’s nice to finally have a high quality Y-Wing to build. The ship has been seriously overlooked in kit form. I like the addition of pin up. I went nuts when they started adding nose art to Republic Gunships in Clone Wars series as that’s what I would expect would happen. (Shark mouths and scantily clad Twi’ Leks seemed to prevail.) I just hope Bandai doesn’t forget about the B-Wing!

  5. Really like this, Aaron. I’m with Matt, maybe a ‘Sci-Fi’ build? I have a Gallactica and a Viper in the stash. Also, like those troopers hiding behind your paint pots, Aaron.

  6. You guys may be on to something here.

    A sci-fi group build could be interesting. I don’t have any kits to build, but I could watch from the sidelines.

    The details are amazing on this one. I like it !

  7. Nice looking result! I’m not a sci-fi guy either, but like the effort you put into the detailing an weathering – making it look more “real” and less like a toy! Well done.

  8. I’ve no idea what this is but it looks really cool, nice work.

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