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just some ladders…

This article is part of a series:
  1. just some ladders…
  2. Tu-22m3 – Beauty & the Beast
  3. Tu-22m3: The Diorama

OK, the title is a bit ironic. They are Tu-22m3 boarding platforms in 1:72 scale.

This little kit from North Star Models, with its fragile components, no rigidity and no surface area for but-joining the spiderweb of photo-etch, is one of the most technicaly-challanging builds I finished so far.

I encourage you to take a look at more detail of the assembly process here:

I am including some of the reference photos found on Internet. Enjoy!


10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to just some ladders…

  1. WOW, wow, in 1/72 scale, whats next………………

  2. That is just co cool!

  3. Aleks, from a technical perspective I am very, very impressed by this build. I can see the delicate and fragile nature of the joins and seams. To get this result without ANY visible glue, and with the degree of symmetry you have achieved, is just outstanding.

  4. Holy Cow…..they look like more work than building the jet – yikes !

  5. Wow , they look so intricate! Well done.

  6. Ditto, Wow! Those are very nice!

  7. Aleksandar, my first thought was “oh wow ladders”, but when I really took a good long look at this, its “WOW”!!!!, wonderful work on this and what a nice addition this will be on the display of your model. Nicely done !

  8. And…just one more reason all my builds are wheels-up! Very well done and will really set off your model when finished!

  9. Auch! My eyes hurt just to see these. Thats why I begin to drift into 1:48. I see myself old playing with old 1:24 Airfix kits…

    Fantastic work to be more serious!

  10. Awesome! This is some serios scratchbuilding. Could you build a couple for me as now you got the hang of it? 😀

    Just kidding!

  11. This is simply great- and simply inspiring! A wonderful example of true model making.

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