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  1. There's easier ways of telling if the prop is turning,#1

  2. Hey, Rob, it's not Friday yet.

  3. Yeah...I miss those "briefings", too, George.

    • I still have a few hundred images to hand, and still harvest new ones when something unusual pops up, but it’s noticeable that I only see one or two a week now, when at one time there were dozens, hence a much smaller grouping, and only as and when. Otherwise, I would have been happy to carry on FB.

  4. Looks great! I want the hat!

  5. Wonderful photos Rob - I get the feeling that pilot doesn't want to get into that tempest/typhoon

  6. Looks to me like they're taking up a keg of beer to cool off!

  7. That is a nice closeup of the nose on the Typhoon(?). I haven't seen the screening previously. I'm guessing the Erk is listening to the engine, for some technical reason. Also wondering if like the earlier versions the pilot has to go on oxygen immediately he enters the cockpit, due to carbon monoxide fumes drawn into the cockpit.

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