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Reaper Miniature Undead jester

This is a 28mm Undead jester from Reaper Miniatures. I ended up basing my colour choice on the one the company did for theirs. The red and black seemed a good idea so instead of trying to muck around and come up with something new I went with it. Its a metal figure in 2 pieces. The jester and the dummy. The dummy is meant to be on the ground but I decided to connect him and have him in the air. I like the concept of the Jester a lot. The metal took the paint really well with a light coat of primer. I used Army painter White from the rattle can.

6 responses to Reaper Miniature Undead jester

  1. Wow, Aaron, your tastes certainly run on the esoteric side. I used to spend Saturdays with my oldest son in Games Workshop, painting various demons, space marines, and orks.
    If I had a ‘catchphrase’ it’d be “one of these days”. But, I still have my son’s scenery moulds and one of these days I’m going to do a kit bash of a Tiger tank facing off with a dragon, or a zombie horde, or a T-Rex (California Steve eat your heart out).
    Ah, there’s a reason my wife doesn’t let me stay up late on a Sunday…

    • Part of that comes from running D&D games. A mini might catch my attention just because it looks cool to paint but sometimes it gives me an idea for a story so i grab them for that. Some of GW stuff is cool. Their paints are very nice even though I feel some days their pots are designed to dry out faster.A Tiger and zombies is certainly a interesting idea.

  2. Now there’s sumthin’ ya don’t see every day….I hope I don’t have nightmares now. 🙁

  3. Nice!! Weird, but nice.

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