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Tamiya He 219 1/48

Hey! It´s been a while as I simply did not have enough time for modelling the last months. Here you can see my latest built though the exhaust flame dampers are still missing. The kit itself is really good but also quite expensive with something about 45 euros.

Greetings from Essen

P.S. I finally got my self an airbrush and I really like it!

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15 responses to Tamiya He 219 1/48

  1. Very nice – I like the scheme. Would love to see more pics!

  2. Exquisite workmanship, sir…very nice work indeed. I like it.

  3. Nice work Moritz! So was this your first true airbrushed kit? That mottling is quite nice no matter how much airbrush experience one has under the belt

  4. Nice work. Considering how everybody wanted that kit, you rarely see them built.

  5. Excellent build. How’d you do your antenna wires?

  6. Wow Moritz, if that’s your first one on airbrush, I am looking fwd to see more! Congrats with this fine Build and paintjob!

  7. Nice Work, Moritz. I just bought one of these and am looking forward to building it. That’s a difficult paint scheme to pull off and you did a wonderful job.

  8. Definitely a very neat build and paint job and very delicate work with the antennae.

  9. Well done indeed !!!!! It’s hard to believe this is your first time using an air brush. You are a natural…………… It looks perfect.

    Did you spray the entire dark upper color first, and then come back with the RLM 76 lines over the top of it ????

  10. Hi, Moritz… I know it has been a while since you posted this article, but I first saw your Me262 build, and thought it was a very good attempt at your first solo model build. This He219 suggests you learn fast, and have acquired skills for airbrushing and black-washing panel lines. It is very impressive and I congratulate you on the finish. I hope you will continue to post images of your models on this site.

    Kindest regards,


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