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Trumpeter 1/48th F9F Panther

What with the recent postings of Panthers, I couldn’t help but post an old build I’d done some time ago (I wanted to jump on the proverbial band wagon of the “Year of the cat” GB). I guess you could’ve call this a “work in progress”, because I was waitin’ on a canopy mask set to arrive in order to complete the build – other than that, it was pretty much done I think. I wanted to do something other than the standard GSB, so all the markings are from the spares box and represent no actual aircraft (as far as I know). There weren’t any fit issues and everything seemed to go together “as advertised”. So it took its’ rightful place on the [dusty] shelf and waited for the mailman….and it was a lengthy wait – Roll Models was the only place I could find the mask set for the Panther at the time and their delivery time is like 4-6 weeks. I waited and finished it – that’s how much I despised masking canopies by hand. A small amount of No. 8 birdshot in a ‘finger rubber’ was placed in the nose to keep it on 3 wheels. Here’s a link to the other pics:

16 responses to Trumpeter 1/48th F9F Panther

  1. I hate doing canopies too Craig. Used to do em no problem freehand but aint steady enough these days and masking is a real pain in the butt.Good lookin Panther.

  2. A real nice Panther, looks good in grey

  3. Nice job on one of my favorite aircraft. Well done Craig!

  4. Craig, I really like the grey scheme, real or not, it looks cool !. Your overall build and finish look great. Nicely done.

  5. Thank you for the kind words, Terry.

  6. I thought these only look good in dark blue, but, this one looks just as good, glad you eventually got the mask and finished your model.

  7. Craig, your Panther looks great !!!! I’m glad to hear the masks finally showed up.

    Well done buddy…………………

  8. Looks good, Craig. I’ve always wanted one of those but haven’t heard positive things about the kit. Thanks for sharing. It looks fine to me!

  9. Looks great, Craig. That gray scheme is lovely!

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