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1/35 1945- germany

Dear all my friend.

Today early morning, I finished this Dio.
Base including road,, and house was made by myself.
It was really fun works.


20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

31 responses to 1/35 1945- germany

  1. Fantastic craftsmanship, sir….one of the best I’ve seen. VERY nice work indeed!!
    The “campfire” is an especially nice touch (as is the ‘iced-in’ Tiger) – 🙂

  2. Man that is very very nice!

  3. Great diorama! Lots going on, and beautifully done. Love the crows!

  4. Remarkable work.

    I remember seeing a photo of my father in Frankfurt, fall of 1945, standing in front of a pile of rubble. The caption, written by his friend, read, “John Thomas standing in front of another fine example of German architecture.” It is a forgivable display of monstrous humor by boys who had lived through the war years. One of the greatest tragedies was that the German people themselves numbered significantly among Hitler’s victims.

  5. Excellent diorama! You really captured that scene well.

  6. Very nice it really captures the spirit of the time cold, desparate fight until the end of the nazi dictatorship. Indeed, as Craig said, one of the best I ve ever seen!

  7. Incredible work. The frost is so good I can feel the cold.

  8. 1944-45 – the coldest winter in Europe in over a century. The temperature went down 30 degrees F looking at this, sitting here in Los Angeles (which was populated by midwesterners looking to get away from winters like this).

    Best figures I have seen in a long time – real expressions on their faces.

    A portrait of survival in the midst of defeat.

    I really, really like this.

    • Thank you so much. Tom!!
      Always I tried to make real mood more than detail,, but result is just try.
      Actually the most difficult work is painting figure.

      I want to enjoy and study making good dio.

      Thanks my dio and sorry for poor English.

  9. Simply breathtaking work. I think Tom is absolutely correct, the expressions on your faces makes this diorama exceptional.

  10. Young Min – I think the figures, their clothing, the detail of their posture and the groupings of the figures show exceptional skill. Fantastic!! Paul

  11. Very excellent work, you captured the the destruction, the weather, and the facial expressions perfectly. Nice work, lots of detail in every photo.

  12. That scene around the fire barrel is unbelievable! The lighting and facial expressions are lifelike! When I was in the Army in Basic (Winter, ’67-8), I stood around several. I could identify with that, immediately. Timeless stuff, just a buncha guys trying to get warm, between acts, as it were. Marshall Vignys’ phrase, Servitude Militaire. Oh, yeah!

  13. You can feel the cold in this great diorama!

  14. Wow – excellent! Really comes to life.

  15. Beautifully done, lots of detail well observed, but not too much.

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