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1/48 Hellcat / Year of the cat ?

Is it late yo post for the year of the cat build
Anyways here is my (old otaki rebox) kit is superb for its age

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  1. Nice detail and 'natural' weathering, Adilcan.. 🙂

  2. Very nice, Adilcan. It's NEVER too late for a nice Hellcat!

  3. Great build and scheme. i like that u used the zinc chromate color for chips. To many people only use silver and in real life it will wear down to primer before hitting bare metal. I use the primer color as the primary chipping color also.

    • Thanks Paul i agree on you about the primer thing im just not 100% sure about the cokor of it do brits also use the zinc chromate anyway it is an former us navy plane after all

  4. Adilcan, good to see a British Hellcat, and one done so well.

  5. Yes, it's nice in those colours. Looks great.

  6. Hello Aldican !

    I don't know how it happened, but I missed out on this F6F when you first posted it. Sorry ...
    I just noticed your build tonight, and it sure does look great ! After looking at yours, I am really inspired to build one of my own for the 100 Years of the RAF Group Build now...

    I built a Tamiya F4U birdcage about a year ago and used the same technique of Zinc Chromate under the top layer of paint, just as the factories did. I went one step further and painted the plastic base color under the Zinc Chromate, using "Metallizer" paints. It looks very authentic too and helps to break up a single monotone color. If you look at the wing root on my F4U you can see the effects of having both ZC and bare metal together. It's a great combination, and is just like your model .

    Your Hellcat is a worthy addition to the "Year of the Cat" GB.

    Thanks for the posting, and welcome to Imodeler

    • Hey Louis, your corsair looks beautiful with subtle weathering loved the effect on the wing root zinc chromate / metallic combo looks realistic and not overdone nice model and by the way im glad that you liked my hellcat its a bit of an old and simple model but it can be easily made to a nice model

  7. Nice looking Hellcat and a great addition to Louis' group build.

  8. Keep up the good work Adilcan, I'm looking forward to your next post.

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