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1/72 Academy Kubelwagen: Battle of Kasserine Pass Group Build

Just another addition to the fun GB started by David Thomas. Was sorting out my stash and came along this little gem and thought it would be a great addition to the Kasserine Pass GB. I don’t do many 1/72 scale subjects so this was a little bit of a challenge because of it’s size. It’s built mostly out of the box and I must admit the fit and alignment of the parts were excellent for this scale. They’re just tiny; how tiny you say? Just check out my last pic.

All of the information about this build can be viewed on my blog here on iModeler. Most of this model was brushed painted using Model Master and Tamiya paints. I did add a decal to represent the speedometer. I assumed it had one. Covered her with a home brew of future, water and brown Tamiya paint. All in all a fun build, now I have to see an optometrist about my eyes beginning to cross.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to 1/72 Academy Kubelwagen: Battle of Kasserine Pass Group Build

  1. Great Kubelwagon, Tom! I always wanted one of these when VW made a few in the 70s. The Thing. Ahhh, what memories!

    • After re-looking at your photos, I can only say that I sure understand why you need to see the Doc about your eyes! That is one tiny, wee ‘thing!” (Pardon my use of the modern version name of the original. Besides, “Thing” is easier to spell (for many) than Kubelwagon! And I don’t even know HOW to make an “u” umlaut with my keyboard! (Our Germanic friends will know)

      This is what I’m talking about, English/American speaking friends:
      I had to copy / paste this to get it right.

      Sorry Tom! I didn’t mean to hijack this thread and turn it into a multicultural spelling lesson! I hope this doesn’t detract from your excellent addition to the KassPass GB!

  2. Very nicely, finished, photographed and presented, Tom – especially in that “small-ish” scale.

  3. Excellent! That future wash looks pretty good. I’ve recently been trying it in certain locations – more for grills and metal work than overall finish – and get mixed results with it. I think I saw it on a YouTube vid and thought I’d give it a while. Seems like it worked really well for you!

  4. Great job on that “thing”.

  5. Nice kübelwagen for its scale

  6. Well done Tom !!! I have always thought these “Things” were cool. Especially when VW started manufacturing them again for the civilian market during the mid 1970’s……….

    I would definitely need a visit to an optometrist if I were to attempt such a tiny build.

  7. Tom, that turned out beautifully, particularly given the size. Neat little vehicle, in any scale. Utilitarian. The VW “Thing” was popular here in Maryland, but with our Winters, and the road salt, tended to rust out. I haven’t seen one in a long time.

    • We have a neighbor that actually has an authentic WW2 “Thing”………… It’s painted in DAK colors too !!!! It’s rather noisy and the transmission gears sound like they are not synchronized. I have only seen it out on the road once………….. but it was a cool sight to see.

      Down here it’s the beach salt that eats away at the cars.

  8. Super fun addition, Tom! ‘Tis a wee “thing” for sure, but an important representation in the GB. Thanks for all of your contributions. Now get them eyes checked!

  9. I’m really impressed with the whole package Tom! The base looks perfect for the Wagen! And the photography is very nice indeed. And then the build is really lovely. This GB continues to throw up such a great variety of subjects! I’d imagine these were buzzing around all over the place, so how cool to have one built and represented! I think it’s terrific!

  10. Fantastic work Tom! Weathering looks great and I like the base you present it on. Great addition to the GB.

  11. Is cute the correct description?

  12. Thanks one and all for your kind comments. It was a fun build but I don’t believe I’ll be doing many more vehicles in 1/72 scale any time soon.

  13. Love that little german mobile..great job!

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