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Airfix 1/72 Junkers Ju87 B-2 Stuka – Battle of Kasserine Pass group build

Well here it is, just finished my 1/72 Stuka from the new tooling by Airfix.
Officialy from 6./Sturzkampfgeschwader 2, “Immelmann” based at Tmimi, Libya in july 1941.

Airfix made fantastic work of the new tooling in 1/72. Lots of fine details, also inside the cockpit. The fitting of the parts is good in general. Some narrow tolerance when building the cockpit area, and just a touch of filler needed on some small fuselage seams. The painting is done using colors from Lifecolour with all the RLM colours from their program. Airfix provides Humbrol paint codes and RLM numbers as well.

The decals are thin and react well on set and sol. The snake on the fuselage comes in two parts on each side and requires some extra concentration as you can imagine. In the end it all worked just fine. Airfix also provides a lot of German stenciling on various parts on the Stuka, and amazingly it’s all possible to read in this scale, even the tire pressures are given, just great quality.

There is a choice to leave the cockpit open with separate parts, but I liked it better when closed. There is a lot of “glass” so you still can see the majority of the details inside. I painted the cockpit frame in interior gray first. After drying I added the camouflage pattern on the various frame parts. In this way seen from the interior the frame is grey on the inside.

For the antenna I used fine riggingwire from Ushi van der Rosten.
After a coat of matt lacquer I used some pastel powders for a touch of weathering.
I enjoyed the building of this kit, I’ll hope you like it as well.
Next model for the GB is the Italian MC202 “Folgore”
Cheers, Ferry

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25 responses to Airfix 1/72 Junkers Ju87 B-2 Stuka – Battle of Kasserine Pass group build

  1. Nicely finished and presented, my friend….good-lookin’ build.

  2. Well done Ferry and a great addition to the GB. Looks like Airfix has a winner with this kit and it shows with your example. Nicely done in that camo scheme and of course the addition of the snake makes it particularly attractive.

  3. Immaculately done, Ferry. This was a crucial addition to the Kasserine Pass group, and much appreciated. That you achieved this in 1/72 is remarkable.

    I suggest that everyone follow the steps Ferry took in his thread on the subject in the Kasserine Pass Group Build forum (

  4. Great finishes, Ferry.

  5. Just awesome, especially in this scale!!!

  6. One beautifully finished nasty little diver! Kudos!

  7. Nice job on that mean machine!

  8. Excellent work on the Stuka and the snake markings. Airfix did not provide the Swastikas on the tail or you chose not to apply them?

    • Thanks Chuck!. No Airfix does not provide them with the kit. Specialy in Germany it’s against the law to use them. In other countries it can be difficult. To be correct in a historic view they could be added via aftermarket sets, but I like to keep it as it is.

  9. I have that snake in red/white – your white-over-camo is likely the more accurate, but I’m going to do the “colorful snake” anyway.

    This looks great. Airfix is putting detail in 1/72 kits one used to expect in 1/48. Beautiful work.

  10. Wow !!! I have been watching your progress during the GB. Your Ju-87 looks fantastic my friend !!!! Well done indeed. In fact it makes me want to build my 1/48 scale Revell “snake Stuka” as part of the current “Nose Art GB”………… I found this picture online. This may be the one Tom C is talking about.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same kit as the Hasegawa version. Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

  11. Yes, looks good Ferry, well done.

  12. Congratulations Ferry, that is an outstanding finish – what a great build. I take my hat off to you with those decals! Must have presented some interesting challenges in getting them in exactly the right spot! I thoroughly enjoyed the WIP thread – thank you for the excellent insight!

  13. Excellent build! Glad to see more 1/72 additions to the group build (mine is ready for decals…). I build the “snake-sided” 1/32 Stuka back in the late 60’s/early 70’s – think it was a Revell kit – and didn’t know someone had the shake decals for 1/72. Although I’ve got an unbuild Fujimi Stuka in my stash, I may have to add this Airfix kit just for old time’s sake!

  14. Another great advert for Airfix and an excellent addition to the group build. Obviously the snake catches the eye, but the whole model is beautifully finished.

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