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Battle of Kasserine Pass, Reloading the Beast!

Hello fellow i-modelers!

I wanted to share with you this final reveal of my entry to David's Battle of Kasserine GB here.

I picked the scene of a I tank of the 501st heavy heavy tank battalion (Dragon #6608) reloading near Kasserine in early 1943. The tank is accompanied by an old kit "Opel " (#216). The individual build threads and reveal can be found below. Figures are a mixture of Zvezda, Tamiya and Dragon with Hornet heads throughout.

I hope you like it! Thanks to everyone for your constructive feedback during this 3 month build process! As always, comments welcome!


6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. Excellent work Michel, and very fitting for the group build. Both the Opel and the Tiger really make that Dio pop setting under your home made Palm tree. I really like the way it came together. Well done.

  2. Gotta agree with Tom here, Michel...good job.

  3. This is another masterpiece ! I have been following along with the build too in the Kasserine Pass GB. I think that it turned out fantastic ! Well done Sir... I like it. A lot ! The home made palm tree is something else. It looks very realistic.

  4. Thanks All! @Louis, I'll drop you a PM with my experiences on this build and the Steps/Parts that need attention. This Tiger kit offers fine detail but sometimes it was frustrating to work with the double entries that made the construction ambiguous.

    I think I have 1/3 of the parts left for the spares box, typically DML...

    Cheers my friends!

  5. Truly remarkable, museum-quality work, Michel. I knew from the moment you agreed to submit something it would be a winner. For you to include two models, both exemplary, and figurines and scratch built landscaping, well, that's just amazing. The weathering pretty much has me in awe. You've been very dedicated and creative in your contribution, and I am grateful. I've learned so much for all of you--history, modeling, and friendship, wow, that's a potent combination!

  6. Hi David! Thanks for your words and hosting of this very successful GB! I'm glad to have contributed to it and that I've met the deadline which, on some days, seemed impossible. Glad you liked my build and reports!

  7. Hey Michel, Nice build, love the weathering and the tarp covering the ammo boxes at the back of the truck, overall a very convincing build, great job my Friend.

  8. Michel, I'm stunned you got the arabic writing on that milestone! The head on picture is also stunning. You really have to do a double take on it, if you don't know the story to this point.
    Beautifully done! The rearm crew at work.

  9. The Dio is a real beauty, Michel! My favorite part is the "scum" on the truck windshield! Very nice bit of detail. All of the little elements like that really bring it to life.

  10. Awesome build Michel!

  11. Thanks to all!

  12. Beautifully done, Michel ! The Tiger just sits there growling and challenging anything else to do battle with it. The Blitz stands at the ready to supply the needed gas, bullets, and beans (so to speak) to keep the crew supplied for the fight. Then, the beautifully done palm tree provides a wee bit of shade over the whole operation. For the moment, life is good.

    You "hope we like it?" What is NOT to like !?! You are a true artiste, Michel !

  13. Thanks Jeff, I'm always honored getting your comments to my work! Cheers to you!

  14. Very well done, Michel, a relatively simple diorama, but built with tremendous attention to detail that makes it really stand out.

  15. What I love about this, is the simple yet the story being told. A tank team in action in the lull of the battle that may restart at anytime. Reload, resupply quickly,anytime an allied P-40 can come out of no where to bounce them. A moment in time. Well done dio that just grabs you from any angle. Thanks for sharing Michel.

  16. Thanks Chuck, yes you got the spirit of that dio concept exactly right!

    Most of the time I start from a simple picture (usually black and white for my favorite era) and then conceive a setting. I like to use figurines and other decorations to put things in perspective and highlight the relative scale. Not many people have ever seen a Tiger tank in 1-1 scale so the figures and Opel shed some light. Glad you liked this build!

    The next one is an Opel too, there is a building involved this time as well! Hint below!

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  17. Very nice work Michel - a diorama that tells its story well, even down to a bit of drama worrying about the appearance of attacking aircraft.

  18. Inspirational stuff Michel - I am so impressed by any well-executed diorama and a story told so wonderfully well in a snapshot - and a little jealous too! I have the ideas but not the ability!
    Others have pointed out the subtleties - I love the windscreen wipers and the dust, and the perfect tonal differences between the lookout's shirt and jumper! Just so precise - congratulations on a terrific contribution!

  19. Lovely work, Michel. As Chuck says, it really captures a moment in time. I've certainly learned a lot from your WiP and applied several of your techniques to my own first attempt at a Tiger (loved the wheel 'jig' and it really helped). Fantastic detail, really engaging and natural.

    Looking forward to your next build already; will you be doing another WIP?

  20. Hi David, yes the WiP is coming up soon. It's big and there is another Opel involved. Bit uncharted territory for me as the main scratchwork is a building... Be back very soon.

    • Opel: Germany's poor man's Porsche! When I was stationed in Fulda, I had a great (and VERY powerful) Opel Commodore. I forget the exact version. It was quite at home on the Autobahn. I can't find any pictures of the model year I had, which was in the early-to-mid 1970s. The ones sold in America (which are the ones that show when I search) are NOT the same as the Pocket Rocket I had.

  21. Really nice Diorama. Very realistic and a quality build.

  22. Composition is very good.
    Photography with background trees was a great choice.
    Detail is superb.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. This looks like it was fun. Shooting outdoors makes feel like autumn in the field.

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