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Curtiss Helldiver SBC-4,1/72 Heller

I was reluctant in building this, knowing that I wouldn't be able to rig it, my manual dexterity not what it used to be. but It's been in my stash for so long. It's done up as in the overall light grey of 1941, of a craft from Scouting three. I've included a photo of Scouting three of which I believe is straight out of the movie Dive Bomber!. The last shot shows the parallels of navy camouflage. in the forties it went from the colorful yellow wings and color coded tails to the interim overall gray and to the tri color/gloss blue schemes. In the late seventies the squadrons were told to tone down the colorful markings that adorned navy aircraft since the late fifties, ending up with overall gloss grey for a time, until they standardized drab tactical paint of today. The decals are Print scale U.S. white numbers and letter sheet and from the stash, Testors flat lt. grey.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Rob, love those between-the-wars biplanes, end of the line for most of them. I believe this was the last biplane procured for the Navy. It went to mostly the Reserves, the Marines, and a couple of scouter squadrons. The Marines actually deployed them to the Pacific, on Samoa, though (luckily) they saw no action. Your markings choice shows the transition from the colorful prewar markings, to the camouflage in the run-up to war. Matchbox had a -4 also, Hellers is better. Again, IMHO.

  2. Nice clean little build, Robert (love that outdoor shot against the sky). 🙂

  3. One of my early memories of movies on TV and I still watch every time it's on.

    Great work, Robert.

    • I remember going with Mother to my Grandfather Bailey's house when I was about 3 or 4 years old. They were watching King Kong on the telley (TV) and I vividly remember being sooo scared that I hid behind my Mother's skirt!

      My Dad and Grandfather were there as well as Dad's Brother, Uncle Jim and one of his friends. They all had a great laugh at my expense.

  4. Looks good Robert, nicely done.

  5. Love that plane. Nice subject to model.

  6. Very nice, and educated me, too.

  7. Nice work, Robert.

  8. Great SBC, Robert.

  9. Hello Robert,
    Great model, besides being a very interesting subject.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. Very Nice Robert ! It looks great my friend. Adding in the color photo from the Movie is a great idea.

  11. Rigging or no rigging it looks great.

  12. Very fun! Nice to see it in that mono-scheme of grey, and the line up with the Phantom is great! Good job on it, rigging or no.

  13. One of my favorite Bi-Planes. You did a nice job on this kit, rigging notwithstanding. It's too bad there was never a nice one molded in 1/48 scale. I like your comparison with the Phantom as well. I use RB products British Rigging wire, cut it to length and pop it in. Works great. Saves on the old MK.I eyeballs too.

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