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L-39 Albatros

March 24, 2018 · in Aviation · · 29 · 13K

Dear colleagues!
For a long time I did not show my models. It's time to do it. I'm very glad to be among you again. Immediately two models of all known aircraft Albatros in scale from .

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    • You wrote a link to this site. What for?

    • My bad. I had hoped to link a specific photo that you had provided. Look at the photo that is in the second row from the top. It is three over. Let me emphasize that this is a niggle and should not detract from your excellent work Dmitry. If you where to enter this model in a contest this would make the build closer to being bullet proof.;) Before, the great recession in the States my local airport had a business that would import L-39s from what was East Germany and you'd see them being un-crated and being refurbished for wealthy customers. Your efforts are of interest. I see L-39s at airshows too.

      • If I understood correctly, then it's about these places? But they also have a real airplane.

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  1. Dmitry, very impressive models, and I mean that at both the scale and the excellent job you’ve made from them. I like the base display and the fact that you did a dual build to replicate a pair in flight, very cool. The markings came inbox?
    Thanks for sharing with us, hope to see more models from you again

    • Thanks. Yes, I received a message in the mail that the site left comments to the model. If I understood your question correctly.

      • Not really Dmitry, I was speaking of the airplane decals used. Did they came in the box or are those from some other brand?

        • Sorry, now I understand you. Yes, the decals were in the kit and they are very good quality. Decals by HPH.

          2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. Dimtry, one word comes to mind "Professional". The builds our clean,tight and crisp with a eye for being a strong candidate for "Model of the Month." My only niggle...(since where coming close to perfection) is the photo of L-29 number 17's canopy. The photo is shot showing the right side mid section showing where both canopies (bottom side) meet the air frame. There is a gap or cracks that could easily be filled with white glue and a little paint. Then the judges would hand over the Gold, you'd get the girl and there would be a happy ending. Over all some impressive work that would also, be found on the cover of a hard copy magazine. But, thankfully you where kind enough to show your work here on IModeler. Looking forward to seeing your next model. Two thumbs up.

    • Stephen, thank you very much for such good words! I am very pleased. I can say that I'm not trying to get on any magazine covers. I just make models and enjoy it. And I also like to share my work with you - my hobby colleagues.

      About your comment, I did not quite understand. What is the place of the cabin you are talking about? Probably so it is visible on a photo, but believe, there is no a gap and the more so a crack. In any case, I am grateful to you for such an attentive attitude to my models.

  3. Stunning build and photographic work, my friend...and those bases (homemade, I assume) are exceptionally well done.

  4. Love those ejection seats. Nice work on everything else, too.

  5. Really nice builds. The pair are wonderful together. The photos are exceptional as well.

  6. Dmitry, lovely pair of L-39s. It's a pretty aircraft.

  7. Beautiful builds, I like the way you camouflaged the display stands.

  8. Luv it, nice Job!

  9. VERY well done, Dmitry! These are great L-39s. If I were ever wealthy enough to buy a jet, (NO chance of that!) this type would be very close to the top of my choice!

    Bravo! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  10. Beautiful builds Dmitry! Excellent detail all the way around.

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