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March 12, 2018 · in Photo Collections · 11 Comments

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Well - a couple of those are amazingly "high-tension" pics! Kinetic energy forced into a potential energy container!

  2. They call that in flight engine servicing in the first picture Rob? Thanks!

  3. There ARE safer ways of changing a spark plug !

    The others are great too.

  4. Can you imagine doing that on a Boeing 747 in flight. I wonder if the mechanic got danger pay, as I don't see a safety harness anywhere. Great pictures...I wonder, if the Friday Briefing is coming back Rob... Just asking.

  5. The last pic. one of those 'Oh s**t!' moments.

  6. You wouldn't want to drop your wrench!
    What is the aircraft in # 3? - Navy version of the Texan/Harvard perhaps?

  7. Well there’s your problem right there lady. The combustulator has become detached from the electrostatic disparater which is causing the eclectic rotor assembly to make the “ funny noise” you mentioned. If you fly it any farther you’ll do some serious damage to your husband’s airplane, but I’ve got the parts and if I drop everything I can be finished by supper and it will only cost $499.99.

  8. Job Dedication!

  9. The inflight mechanic photo looks like one of those endurance flights from the 30s, where they tried in flight refueling. They must have needed an engine adjustment,as well. Curtiss Robin?

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