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2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. If your “No Comment” posts are replacing your “Friday Briefing” posts, how about adding a few more pics to the mix, as it were…? I love these! 🙂

    • The reason FB had to end was because of the dwindling supply at 50 posts a week. I decided to come forward with NC as a trickle-feed of interesting images that was more manageable- even with new images at a slower pace, hopefully a quality selection.

      I chose the name “No Comment” from something I saw on a European news channel. A brief vt would be shown of some current situation – refugees, bombings, natural disasters and so forth – with no voiceover, so that the images speak for themselves without being ‘manipulated’ by opinion or bias.

  2. Another interesting group, Rob. Thanks!

  3. Rob, I love it and 3 at a time makes it even more invaluable to me to sit and look at them a bit longer, understand the image and even place myself there so to speak to get the feel. I did love the 50 images but at times I would catch myself flick thru them quickly and not take in each image as I viewed them. And appreciate them the moment the camera captured the image.

  4. I remember the ‘No Comment’ slot on the news and I can see exactly why you chose the title; the lack of narrative does make the viewer look more closely and with possibly a more open mind.

  5. Few photos or 50 they are always interesting! Keep them coming!

  6. Interesting group of photos. Engine work on a P-39, what looks like salvaging shells from a mud flat at low tide, and recovery/erection of a Hurricane in the Desert.

  7. I miss the Friday briefing, no matter the length….it was very much appreciated!

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