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  1. A "cab forward" locomotive AND nose art...? Both new ones on ME. Thanks.

  2. That is a great shot of streamliner maintenance. Whose locomotive? The smoke and steam shot is what you'd see, down in the yard. Cab forward was to get the crew out of the tunnel first, ahead of all that coal smoke.

  3. The logo on the front of the locomotive is Chicago and North Western and it is an E-2 built by ALC in New York. The National Railroad Museum is about 45 minutes north of me and they don't even have one. All were scrapped. (Although they do have a British A4 which is also quite a looker!)

    • The stream line engine was apart of the Chicago and North Western which ran the 400 that ran between Chicago
      and Minneapolis. It was noted that these trains would do the run in six and half hours. With the Pacific engines doing over a hundred miles and hour in some stretches. Compared to some of the European trains that now run its rather slow but, for the 30's and 40's having a express train it was a big deal.

  4. VERY interesting photos. Bernie, I had heard that about the cab forward locos. It makes sense. But those type never caught on. I guess those train engineers LIKED the wonderful aroma of the coal smoke!

    Rob, I think you're right.

  5. I thought this set would an oddity of little interest to anyone but me, but clearly there’s a bank of knowledge and curiosity out there. Thanks for ‘getting on board’ with it!

  6. Rob, my relatives on both sides of the family worked off and on for the B & O. Their museum here is a favorite of mine, and they do have a streamliner, which you can climb into. BIG! Recommended, if you're in the neighborhood. I remember steam, I was around for diesel-steam transition. I remember seeing steam locomotives coming out of the tunnel at Mt. Royal station, At first, it scared the bejesus out of me. Eventually, I was more blase. Some fire breathing dragon thing, in a cloud of smoke and steam.

  7. I do like the cab forwards, but wouldn't like to be in a head on crash in one.

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