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14 responses to No Comment

  1. Hey Rob, is that Ron Sterling in pic 3?

  2. The Fab Four, James Dean and Rod Serling…(did I pass?) – lol

  3. The man from Twilight Zone? Gotta love that cigarette right next to the model plane.

  4. “Submitted for your approval”

  5. I thought aircraft workshops were always “no smoking” sort of venues… my mistake… 🙂

  6. The first picture, did this inspire them to write “Baby you can drive my car”?

  7. Modelling with a cigarette, that’s so 1960s… lol

  8. #3 “There’s something on the wing! Some……….THING!!

  9. No.2…
    James Dean with his cousin, Marcus, in 1955. Forever young.

  10. Great shots. I as well build models next to my wall full of Emmy’s

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