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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 9

Well, back in the saddle. I arrived back from the Congo on Monday late and I have spent a bit of time with the family, visited my Brother in hospital, and decided it was time to sit down and carry on with the PC 21, I have been looking forward to starting with the detailing of the cockpit.

What I did originally was build the cockpit sections in modular form, so that I can remove them when I start to paint the aircraft, so that I don’t need to stress out about any over spray messing up the painted detail in the cockpit.
Firstly I cut out the multi function display’s out of 0,25mm plastic card, sounds easy, but quite a mission to get them square and looking just right.

I then started on the side walls, making all the switches and throttle leavers, mechanical instruments and head up display control panel, by the way, this was not too difficult, just mark out the area where you need the various switches, use a small drill, and insert some stretched sprue.

I then glued in the side wall panels after painting the cockpit tubs the light grey for the interior. Some places on the side walls were masked off and painted a very dark grey.

Then I sorted the seats, these are quite dull in the sense that on the real aircraft everything is black, including the harnesses. So I fiddled a bit with various shades of grey to get some variation, and a black oil wash after dry brushing. it turned out ok, but I will let you guys tell me, overall the construction of the seats and harnesses was quite easy.

I will start with the instrument panel covers next, and then prime the aircraft, and start scribing the dreaded panel lines next.

Please PM me if you need additional info regarding the build.

Hope you like it so far.


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19 responses to Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 9

  1. Outstanding cockpit detail, Marc…easy to see it’s gonna be a real ‘beaut when completed.

  2. Thanks a mil Craig, I certainly hope so.

  3. It is unbelievable what you can accomplish as a scratch builder. I do very well with my kits at this point in my life but I could never accomplish what you have with a build like this.

  4. When I saw you post on some recent builds – and thus knew you were back from the Congo – I was waiting with anticipation to see you get back to the bench! Looking fantastic Marc.

  5. Hi Marc – Good to more progress on the PC21. Looks great. I’ve been slowly trying to emulate the skills you’ve so eloquently demonstrated with my brother’s Nibbio, using the plan link that you kindly sent me. Will eventually post my progress which has been painfully slow and plagued by false starts on various bits. Trying to develop enough confidence on the fuselage forms to attempt some vacu-forming. Fingers crossed. All the best. Paul

  6. Hello Marc and welcome back home.

    Does this plane have ejection seats ??? I see the black and yellow on what appears to be an actuator in each cockpit. The details you have incorporated are simply stunning. Enough to convince me to try and scratch out a spare bomb bay for my Monogram Heinkel 111, using the ICM kit parts as a guide. I hope my parts turn out half as nice as yours do.

  7. Marc, amazing, as usual. I just noticed how sharklike the aircraft is. Sleek and purposeful. It grows on you!

  8. What’s not to like here, Marc? Really good progress, and kudos for encouraging other modellers to develop new skills.

  9. Hi Marc! AWESOME!!! Looking forward to meeting you at the Nationals. Your build is MASTERCLASS!!!

  10. Terrific work as usual, Marc, the cockpit and seats are really convincing.

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