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Reaper Bones Ogres

So these two are painted to tabletop quality rather than shelf quality. The reason is these are for use in a game. Which means unlike your typical kit/figure they are going to be touched a lot. Normally I prefer doing really thin coats and spending my life waiting for any colour to actually appear. But by its nature doing very thin coats makes the paint less durable. yes we still varnish them still but even so, over time they will show wear and lose paint. So tabletop quality tends to be less thinning so the paint is stronger and heavier washes. People will be looking at them on a table 6 x 10 or 5 x 6 any subtle detail is totally lost at that distance.

But a lot of my armor/plane/car friends often say they can’t paint figures. Well these guys are under 5.00 each. Any standard bones figure is under 4.00 with many under 3.00 Doesn’t matter if its a ranger rather than a British infantry. As a learning tool that is dirt cheap these are great. You can spend 20.00 get several different figures covering skin, cloth, metal etc and practice away without worrying that the figure your learning on is a 30.00 Alpine. If you do screw it up so bad then it was a 2.95 fig and you probably will have a laugh rather than intense frustration. Even Reapers metal figs which are not bad at all come in under 10.00

Just some ideas for people wanting to practice figures without paying the price of a kit.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to Reaper Bones Ogres

  1. Now those would make for very interesting, if not eccentric, chess pieces, wouldn’t they?

  2. Aaron, Nice build / paint work, of this guy I went to High school with and who played defense on our football team !

  3. Very interesting, Aaron! Thanks for the explanation of the difference between Table & Shelf painting. I’ve never heard of those terms. Ya learn something every day!

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