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Year of the Cat

OK… another stretch.. the name on the cowling of this aircraft is “Paper Tiger”…
Whadda ya think…? qualify?
This is the SWS Zoukei-Maura 1/32 AD-1H Skyraider

FIRST … This is an excellent kit. Well engineered, well designed, accurate in all respects, as far as I can tell, and makes into a beautiful model. I was so impressed with it when I got it that I had to also get their P-51D. (particularly for the “Miss Marilyn II” decals”

SECOND… This will be the last SWS kit I ever make. I felt like I was an employee in the Douglas aircraft factory. I felt as if I were actually constructing a real airplane. This is so detailed and has so many optional moving parts I felt I was doing an old Monogram moving parts kit. Again, don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent kit… BUT… considering how much scotch it took me to complete this little beauty and the fact I almost went out of my mind I will pass on any others. This is not a slam on SWS but I am too old to suffer through this as long as I did. I shelved it for about eight months then went back to it. All the moving parts… guess what? … I glued them. However I would recommend this to a person a lot younger than me to have a go at it. As a matter of fact, I gave the P-51D, (less the decals to be used on a Tamiya P-51D. Old Adage.. Keep your wife happy by building a model in her name… somebody said that, I don’t think it was Confucius) to my very good friend Erich who is quite a bit younger than I and he has years left to go bonkers with it.

I made this into the A/C flown by Lt Com “Ed” Greenhouse of VA-25 off USS Midway. He named his A/C “Paper Tiger”. VA-25 “Fist of the Fleet” has to be one of my favorite USN squadrons.

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13 responses to Year of the Cat

  1. Frank, I believe the rules for the “year of the cat”, were that pretty much anything goes, in other words I don’t think they’ll kick you out.
    As for your model. I like it !, I haven’t seen too many of these kits finished and that maybe related to the complexity and cost of the kit. However from what I see here, it looks like it builds up into an excellent looking model, ****despite it taking up twice the shelf space as the typical 1/48 scale’r I’m use too. Well done !

  2. Frank, they GIVE you the toilet, too? Madre de Dios! Paper Tiger was what the Chinese called us in the Korean War. That worked out for them.
    Craig built a couple(?), and his have some/all of the dive brakes deployed. With everything down, it is an eye catching sight.

  3. Good to see you armed it with the WW2 “fat” bombs, since this was during the 1965-66 bomb shortage. Nice work, love the toilet.

  4. One of my favorites, Frank….and those Z-M kits are super – as anyone can see from this build. NICE!

  5. Nice A-1! love the toilet. Those old bombs were a hazard on carriers, they had a short cook-off time in a fire.

  6. It looks very impressive, Frank, I’m sure you are pleased with how it turned out.

  7. Beautifully done Frank, and we don’t need no stinkin moving parts. However, does the prop still turn? That would be OK.

    • Yeh Tom,
      I did make it so the prop turns. I try to make it a point to make sure the props turn on all the models I make with them. Reason being, the first any person will do when they look at your models is turn the prop and if it dosn’t turn you have a broken airplane.

  8. Really great build of my favorite Naval airplane. I love the skyraiders and I have been wanting to build a 1/32. Only choices are Trumpeter and SWS I believe. I appreciate your feedback on this SWS kit b/c I have had my eyes on it since its release. I too also had the SWS P-51 and after a few years of hesitation I to got rid of it, selling it on auction site. So maybe I should look at the Trumpeter options although I do want the experience of an SWS kit. I am going through the same frustration that u had on this SWS kit with the 1/32 Tamiya Zero. Way to many moving parts and way over engineered as a result actually detracting from the overall quality of the kit. What makes it worst is they do not even work well after you go through the various frustrating assembly stages to make them move…aggggg! If I got the SWS I also would just glue parts in place after all its not really a toy. Again, nice job and thanx for sharing!

    • Thanks Paul,
      Although I have not commented on this site about others work I do puruse the site. I am very impressed with all of your work and I compliment your skills. As for the SWS kit I again praise it but also have to say I am too old and too cranky to want to go through that much trouble. I gave the P-51 to ERICH and I will happily supply burgers and beer just to hear him b—h. Again, love your work.

  9. Frank … another beauty, Amigo! It took a lot of scotch to finish? Billie will be proud!

    I’m glad you persisted because the end result is stupendous.

    As for the YOTC build? Certainly!!! Paper TIGER. Meow. Yeppir! It belongs, no bout adoubt it.


  10. Very nice! Parts count is one of the reasons I really do prefer 1/72!

  11. Hey Frank,
    Love your toilet armed SPAD. It’s an amazing piece of “Work”! So let me get this straight; it took you over a year to build this ZM beast, countless fingers of scotch, hours of group therapy and patience… Come to think aboutit, I recall learning some new 4- letter words over this kit while it a was in progress- Ahh, thanks for the ZM Mustang kit? Seriously, I read the instruction sheet- it’s definitly a role up the sleeves and get down to business kit , but looks like a fun project- Many Thanks my friend!

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