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1/35 1942 -north africa

I have made this dio for two years.

Erwin Rommel is a my favotite, so this is a main motivation of this work.

I used many companies’ figure and vehicles but most difficult is making baobab tree by myself.

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

33 responses to 1/35 1942 -north africa

  1. Absolutely beautiful work: museum quality in my opinion.

  2. Words actually fail me: absolutely incredible on so many levels!

  3. Great scenic detail and the colour palette is spot-on. Very nice work.

  4. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Well done. This is museum quality!!!

  5. Your time, effort, talent, research and devotion to detail really shines through in this project – amazing work, sir.

  6. Great work! Kudos!

      • I come back to this as today I am at my desk again. I join every one else to say this is absolute modeling mastery. Though compact, it really represents the synthesis of the North African campaign. You did your reseact very well:
        – The 88 is in the picture as one of the main PAK (not Flak) there,
        – Rommel’s figurine (Dragon I suppose) is very well posed and painted like the other figurines. His Horch staff car also there, is that Siegfried Westphal to his right?
        – The Bilstein crane was a known DAK workhorse
        – The Marder and BMW R12 are all there, the captured radio car too
        – splendid figure posing and painting overall
        – Last but not least there is a boabab tree and a camel!

        Very well done, how long this build took?

        All my appreciation here, Michel.

        • Once more thank for your sincere long answer. Micheal!
          During I work every dios, I always consider about their thinking & feeling not sight of a modeller.
          So I changed all smiling figures’ head to nonsmiling.
          And I imagined about Rommel and his staff who knew their loosing war in future.

  7. Echoing everything said above. This is a masterful piece of work.

  8. What a beautiful dio! Haven’t seen such a crowded scene done so well in quite some time. Excellent details.

  9. Now, THIS is a diorama! Everything done to equal quality – figures, vehicles, backdrop, base. And it definitely “tells a story.” You can almost put dialogue balloons above the figures. Really, really nice!

  10. Ah, if Leonardo da Vinci made WWII dioramas…

  11. Ought to be in a museum. ‘Nuff said…

  12. David, agreed! Masterpiece!

  13. Hi, this is an engrossing and very complex dio. Fascinating to look at, it reminded me of so many things from my childhood modelling days, the Airfix Grief Sdkfz250, Shep Paine’s work… brilliant and I would love to see more images! As others have said this is a museum piece and has a strong visual narrative.

  14. Hello Young Min,
    As mentioned above, museum quality.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  15. Another masterful diorama, Young Min, Jang. I especially like the camel framed by the tree at what appears to be dawn or sunset. Your photography is excellent, as well.

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